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  1. VATUSA Events Week of 9/23/07 Sunday, September 23, 2007 *VFR* Anchorage Spotlight Time: 00:00Z Spotlighting the scenic vistas of Alaska. Event Starts at 00:00Z Frequent Flyer Points PANC - 3 Monday, September 24, 2007 ZNY Hosts Regional Night Time: 01:00Z Plenty of Regional ATC with New York hosting this weeks's Northeast Regional Night. Event Starts at 0100Z Frequent Flyer Points KJFK - 1 Tuesday, September 25, 2007 ZJX Hosts Regional Night Time: 01:00Z Plenty of Regional ATC with Jacksonville hosting this weeks's Southern Regi
  2. We have a Pacific event in the planning stages. Keep your eyes peeled for more info.
  3. Michael, Pilots who fly events listed on the VATUSA Events calendar earn points for their operations, and the top points earners will have their names listed on the VATUSA Events homepage. This program is in beta testing between now and the end of the year. For now, it is, as you phrased it "a fun thing to keep up with". However, if lots of pilots decide to participate, who knows about the future?
  4. A membership wide notam was sent out on July 19th. The entire text is included below:
  5. Based on my observations of who/how many pilots have attended which/how many of the FNO's since I became VATUSA5, and the many emails I have from members, the correct phrasing of Mr. Doubleday's statement would be "In this case - the decision has been made to alter events - which some people originally liked (but few individuals consistently participated in) and many people didn't like - to fit in with their "game plan" to offer a variety of events that serve the needs of a wider cross section of our members". The event structure of FNO hasn't been banned, as some seem to imply. It has sh
  6. There are a number of other possible conclusions. Here are some examples: 1. We need the current members to show up more often and fly more (begs the question of why they don't now, but there are a lot of possible answers to that particular question), OR 2. We need to be more helpful and welcoming to new members and help them learn the rules and etiquette of this virtual space, OR 3. We need to demonstrate that professionalism, maturity and helpfulness to other members is what gets you respect on this network, OR 4. The "simmers" need to educate the "gamers" about the reasons why i
  7. To get back to the "Where Does the Traffic Go" question, there is already survey data that has a bearing on this question. In the VATSIM Member Services/Docomeent library, there is a report on the VATSIM 2006 member survey. I won't try to summarize that report here, but anyone interested in these questions ought to look this report over. In the VATUSA pilot survey in June, there was a "forced choice" question comparing five different factors that seem to be important to pilot choice of where to fly. In order of importance, they were "ATC is available frequently", a tie between "I fly in
  8. At present, a pilot wanting to maximize their chances of finding ATC in VATUSA would have to visit 22 ARTCC websites or over 90 VA websites to figure out who is doing what, and when. I am pushing to get every single event that is going on in VATUSA, no matter the size, to be listed on the VATUSA calendar so that pilots can have one central place to look for "who's planning to be staffed up tonight". If the pilots don't know about your event, they are not likely to fly in it. VATUSA Events advertises all over the place on the VATUSA and VATSIM forums, sends notices to all the ARTCCs an
  9. I'll see if I can put a whole bunch of responses into one post: Dave - I have also heard loads of complaints about the sim crashing when there are huge numbers of aircraft being rendered, and some pilots avoid FNO areas because of the problem. I know for a fact that many of our r/w pilots avoid FNO-type events (either out of consideration for the overloaded controllers or due to the lack of realism). We need those people online, if only because they are great models for new pilots who are trying to learn how to interact in a professional manner with ATC. Ian - I'm not usually one to
  10. Robin, You are correct about needing the VATUSA p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word for the e-ticket system. I guess that's advice for after you join VATUSA I will p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] your information to our Membership Director, Andrew Rogers.
  11. I guess I am an unbearable optimist. I believe that the Events Directors we have in the ARTCCs are more than just figureheads, and will rise to the challenge. And, it's not that much of a challenge: with 22 ARTCC's (23 if you count ZAK) and 40 open Fridays, that's less than two Friday night events per year for each ARTCC to plan. And, if some of the 90 plus VA's want to plan events (and I hear that some do), then the ARTCCs will have even less of a "load" to plan for. I also [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume that the ARTCCs that don't put events on the calendar won't have any because they
  12. I love Bryan's promo, and I'll be adding it to every place we advertise VATUSA Events! Kudos to ZLA for stepping up and offering their Friday night Fly-In Event. Instead of "vacuum", I think of it as an opportunity and a great chance for ARTCC's and VA's to put together events that highlight what they do best and what their members most enjoy. This is a diverse community and all our members deserve to have a variety of events to choose from.
  13. I'm pleased to add a major event for Friday, August 31st. Friday, August 31, 2007 *Major Event/VFR/IFR* ZLA's Super Fly-in Friday , Destination LAX Time: 0000 - 0500z ZLA will be hosting a FNO-style fly-in, featuring ZLA's busiest airport. LAX will be fully staffed, as will other surrounding airports, for your flying enjoyment. There are no featured departure airports and no 3 hour window. Pick your favorite departure airport and join us for some fun. We'll be there all night. No need to search for ATC coverage...it'll be right here in ZLA.
  14. Kostas, Our membership director is out of town for a week or so, but he has internet access, so I would expect that he will take care of your request within a few days. For future reference, VATUSA now has an e-ticket system for getting a notice of these kinds of issues directly to the people who can help you. You can create an e-ticket by going to the VATUSA home page and clicking on Member Services under "Your VATUSA" on the left navigation bar. If you do not receive your welcome information within a day or two, I would suggest creating an e-ticket and directing it to Membersh
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