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  1. Why is Vatsim Always Filled With Drama! Please do not take this the wrong way guys but all Vatsim is in my Opinion is a bunch of people who claim to know things, but in reality a lot of the people on Vatsim has never flown a real airplane let alone know what different FAA Procedures are.
  2. I heard a heading 090 call and not a downwind call and I had a buddy of mine confirm it who was flying with me.
  3. I was flying in the south minding my own business all of a sudden Bing Bong i look and i get a contact me ( I am 15 miles out of the airport that i intend to land at). So i didn't contact him I thought maybe it was a mistake a few seconds later Bing Bong Same person same message so I contacted him and he started giving me radar vectors and I obeyed him. So my question to you guys is Have you ever heard of a Tower Controller giving Radar Vectors?
  4. David Walsh has been controlling at ZLA since the late 1990's, so I think that the question had more to do with procedures via the .65 and thus a post to the US forums. Well then in my opinion I would vote pilot error on this occasion because the protected holding area should not conflict with the departure corridor... Just my 2 cents! Agreed !!!!!!!
  5. You have not the slightest idea of what you are talking about! FOR Easier information on what this Guy was talking about look in your Far and Aim if you have the 2008 edition it is on page 749
  6. Dennis Why are you always trying to start Arguments or get someone in trouble? I have not known you long but ever since I have heard of you it has been nothing but negative comments, and i usually don't take word form other people. But then when I go on ZTL Forums and I see some of the stuff that you post in the forums. I have one question do you like picking on people?
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