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  1. Thank you all. There is a wealth of information and ideas in what you all have said, and I intend to read it all closely and measure Ozark VA against it. Glad I asked the question. I must say I agree with you 1000% on the template, Ernesto. I hate templates with a p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ion, and don't understand how people who use them don't get sued for copyright infringement. Besides that, as a web builder I know that there are some things about websites that you need to be aware of that only templates created by professionals can do for you. A Google search isn't likely to tell you wh
  2. I am CEO of Ozark Virtual Air Lines. We have been around for many many years, and I have been the CEO for much of that time. As such, I have seen many people sign up for OVA, but then they never fly one flight. I never hear from them -- nothing. I am just wondering if anyone here could shed some light on why this occurs. Are there people out there who just want to see their name on as many rosters as possible? Do they sign up with good intentions and then things come up that prevent them from doing so? If so, why don't they just drop management an email and let them know, "hey, I int
  3. I knew someone was working on one for the Airbus, but I hadn't heard about the Boeing version. Sure would be nice to have that. I am not an Airbus fan, but a Boeing with a properly modelled FMC is a thing of beauty. Last I heard the Airbus FMC was nearly ready for release. Somebody correct me if you know any more about it.
  4. Sure I can. But some of what I have, I found after I got it, I didn't really want it. MSFS is not quite in that category, but close. Just kidding. FS is OK, but I do have issues with it locking up sometimes, usually on final after a very long flight. I have never had a crash of any kind with X-Plane running on Linux. I had a problem once with the Windoze based version, but I only had about five programs running besides X-Plane so I attribute it to that. That's the beauty of Linux, I have had as many as thirteen programs open at once on it with zero stability issues.
  5. What good are all the nice toys in MSFS if they don't work acurately, or the whole sim crashes to the desktop three times on a two-hour flight? Please don't tell me I don't know how to set up FS to work right, I have a good deal of experience with computers and software. I know how to set it up; it's just that FS will only work with Windoze (of course,) and Windoze is the most unstable OS known to man.
  6. Please Owen, Do you really think your scenario is a worry? So what if a pilot happens to be directed to waypoint that he/she wouldn't normally be directed to? Are the SUP's going to disconnect both of them? Relax people, I say again -- it's just a hobby.
  7. Geez guys, it's JUST a hobby. Very few of us are professional controllers. So what if we say something that isn't lifted squarely out of the manual? This kind of [Mod - lovely stuff]ola keeps newbies so uptight, they can't possibly p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] an OTS, so they just throw in the towel and don't even try. After all, why take this kind of verbal whipping just to have some fun in the evening?
  8. Way to go Matt. Somehow I knew way back when you were starting out at ZKC, you were going places in VATSIM. I wish you well my friend. Brian
  9. In the making of X-Plane, Austin placed a much higher emphasis on the flight dynamics of the aircraft than on scenery. Some (myself included) value that more than the scenery. That's exactly why I didn't and won't purchase FSX. I don't care about eye candy. If you want pretty scenery stick with FS. That said, Austin is working toward better scenery. His latest update (8.64) went a long ways toward that end. Brian PS, I just noticed you listed Direct X 9.0 in your stats. You won't be needing that for X-Plane. It was built using a Mac so it uses Open GL technology. Because of
  10. Air Northwest Is no longer exclusively X-Plane, but it is the sim of choice there.
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