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  1. There haven't been any updates recently, so I thought that I'd reiterate that AvA, joinava dot org is/has and will always be a 100% online VATSIM only VA.
  2. I personally thing that it is way too much information that clutters up the field. I will just doing it the old way until I can't do that any longer.
  3. OK, got it fixed, took some time, so, thanks if you gave this some thought.
  4. Hi, since my last update, I am not receiving any audible notifications. I've uninstalled, redownloaded the latest version, ran the installer as administrator, set up normal, run P3Dv4.5, had someone send me a text, get the visual notification, but no audible one. Logged on as a SUP, and sent a PM, still no audible notification. Any help on this matter would be appreciated.
  5. Is there an issue with the voice servers today, in 30 short minutes, I've been disconnected from the voice server 5 time, for "lost connection"
  6. If VATSIM does nothing to remedy this situation, VATSIM will loose a ton of X Plane users. As a controller, I have not noticed any difference between planes, I couldn't tell you what sim they are using. This network is supposed to be for learning and entertainment, and xplane users are definitely NOT being entertained.
  7. American Virtual Airlines (joinava.org) will be celebrating 18 years as a VA. We are flying into and out of KDFW, on Sunday August 18, between 2300z and 0300z. We invite all VATSIM pilots to join us in celebrating this milestone birthday.
  8. American Virtual Airlines will be celebrating our 18th birthday/anniversary on August 18th. We will be flying into KDFW from all points of the globe to arrive there between 2300z and 0300z. We are inviting all VATSIM pilots to celebrate with us. 18 years on VATSIM is a long time, and we would like everyone to join us so mark you calendar.
  9. Not advertising for any company, but Drezwicki designs has a free demo, that is fully functional with all the correct runways and taxiways, for KORD. It's a try before you buy kind of thing.
  10. the link below it to a website called Mosiac ATC, it shows current information used in the real world. USA major airports only as far as I can see. Check it out.. http://www.airportviewer.com
  11. Sean, thanks Shunsuke, thanks Magnus, if you were referring to me being difficult, I don't see it, I just asked a simple question.
  12. These replies are all informative, but didn't answer my question. What is the tracon ceiling, and lateral boundries?
  13. Was flying into RJAA the other day, I was at 33000 ft, approximately 100 miles out and got pinged by the Approach controller to contact him. I noticed his ATIS, and it had : landing and departing rwys 34L and R, when the winds dictated landing south. So as to not cause trouble, I just logged off and landed on 16L. Also not that familiar with the runway [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ignments there, and I prefer to land "into" the wind rather than with a tail wind. So... is there a TRACON Ceiling? In most places I've seen, it's anywhere between 10K and 16K. Thanks in advance for anyone th
  14. It never hurts to ask the CTR, or APP controller if you need to contact them.
  15. I use the iFly 737NG, is it works fine. Personally think the PMDG is overrated, but that's just MHO.
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