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  1. ZMP used to have an updated AFCAD on our site that included all updates for ZMP airports. With our new site, this hasn't been added to the pilot's section yet, but may be back at some point.
  2. Most likely the controller had not primed his frequency in his controller client. I'd reply via chat what you see as his frequency and advise that you can't tune it.
  3. I'm not exactly sure what cock a hoop means, but we are excited.
  4. Me to paused aircraft: You appear to have a 200KT headwind. Paused aircraft: Roger, we're increasing Ground speed now.
  5. I've been noticing a lot more pilots checking in with position reports lately.
  6. That is indeed exactly how I do it. I'm just saying it be nice to not see the pilots callsign in the text box after sending. That'd work fine until you get the guy who's flying "United 232" that's connected as "UA232" or worse "UNITED232" and wonder why you can't keyboard select him by typing "UAL232 " True dat. I usually do what Ross suggests and go for the 232 , but it doesn't always work - as he says.
  7. That is indeed exactly how I do it. I'm just saying it be nice to not see the pilots callsign in the text box after sending.
  8. No, I understood. I think that more real is better than less real, especially when it's easy. I do understand where you're coming from however. Again, thanks for taking the time to discuss it.
  9. @Ross: While I agree it's totally unrealistic, it does seem to be necessary, unless you want to sit on a center scope and watch all of you planes fly through your airspace without talking to you - which is as equally unrealistic. Thanks for replying though. I appreciate it. @Ernesto: Right, knowing there's an aircraft there and knowing who that aircraft is are different things. When I sign on as center, and send contact mes to the planes in my airspace, I also know exactly who they are. @Romano, that is cool about Euroscope, I did not know that. From what I hear though, the DSR tag
  10. I think a cool, and relatively easy change to VRC would be if realistic tags mode is selected, to hide the callsign of the aircraft being sent a .contactme message. That way you really have no idea what plane you asked to contact you. It'd be even cooler if it was possible to tag up the wrong A/C as I imagine this is possible in RW ATC.
  11. Ah, I see what happened. I was going to post something but did not, I don't know why the quote is still there. I'll edit out that post.
  12. Hi Nick, I'm not try to prove anything. Merely posting links to the procedures. I never claimed procedures are a thorn in anybody's side, but I will now. New procedures can be a pain at any ARTCC due to pilots filing them and not being able to fly them. I'm fully aware that they are draft procedures, maybe I should have made that more clear in my OP, but that's why the thread title says "in store". The fact of the matter is that RNAV arrivals are coming to ZAU whether it's these or others. I just thought that people who enjoy this hobby might find them interesting. That's a
  13. This post was a mispost. Nicks post immediately following was referencing this post. It was just a quote of an earlier post without any comment from me. I can see why it might have been confusing. EDIT: everthing.
  14. All right, hold on a second there. Starting issues? I posted links to the procedures, because I figured some of the controllers at ZAU may be interested in seeing them. I don't understand how that's coming around your ARTCC trying to stir stuff up, or trying to dish out that lovely stuff that got modded out of your post. My post may not have been deleted, but there's no evidence of it in the public forums. May have made a mistake, but certainly did not lie. Also, what the heck is the Chicago 7?
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