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  1. I had a bad experience as well (And I arrived early in the event to avoid the major amount of traffic) , however, I left my feedback on their website. However, I will say, I never thought I would have a TCAS RA and actually have to take action on VATSIM.
  2. I made note to this to VATSIM a LONG LONG time ago, what did I get? I got reported for defending my position of trying to control in my country FIR. I ended up doing the 30 hours, and what did they tell me? Oh we have too many controllers, you have to wait until one leaves.. Everytime i try to address this and as to why I got something left on my file for trying to control and even be part of VATCA they tell me, don't worry it's nothing bad, but yet it always shows up. This was not under Federico Navarro (infact, he has helped VATCA ALOT) looking over, but still, since alot of Ad
  3. That's funny. I've put hours up on ZAK, in fact helped on it, and I'm not even on that roster
  4. Reece is the cooliest! Go Reece (That sounded really childish, Reece is a good friend of mine, Great controller D:)
  5. Any idea when this might be released VATSIM Wise? (VATSpy). Most people don't know about this, and some don't even check the forums at all... Might be better that way.
  6. Congratulations Everyone (Alan in special) Glad to see you still around old friend!
  7. Because I thought it was done around November last year, but BW told me.. What is it to you with me asking a question?
  8. No, it was December 15th last year, 9 days later. Cool, Thanks BW
  9. Not sure I understand your question? I hope to see many of you there! This is going to be a great event. . Its pretty simple, I'm asking, if it wasn't done earlier last year. Hence why it says Winter..
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