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  1. Unfortunately it appears the the ZAU website is having a few minor difficulties, can someone provide the ZAU's ATM's e-mail address?
  2. I just downloaded the new drivers for the GTX260, they installed correctly, in my FS9 profile for nHancer "Enhance in-game AA setting" check box is unchecked, my AA setting through nHancer is 16xQ, and in flight sim "Anti-Aliasing" is checked (but it doesn't make a difference either way)
  3. I just recently got my HP Pavilion Elite Desktop with the nVidia GTX260 graphics card, and so far I only have one complaint. This graphics card is a great one, so I decided to crank my AA settings up to 8x just for starters, but my FS won't change. By that I mean no matter what my AA setting is through the nVidia control panel it doesn't seem to change flight sim which still shows jaggies. I installed the drivers for the card but it doesn't seem to have changed anything. Any thoughts? -Thanks
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