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  1. Also ensure that another plugin like XSB or Swift is not active. Can check via the plug in admin and disable it.
  2. Ross, While 1 output can work, two outputs can provide better mixing. -Scenario1: On the ground I can have TWR/GRD/APP in my ear, while monitoring CTR on comm2 while on the ground. -Scenario2: Approaching an airport I can have CTR/APP in my ear with ATIS on comm2. With Unicom I put 122.8 in comm1 and have comm2 listening to a frequency up ahead or just one I want to listen too since I am in uncontrolled airspace. I don't know how I could toggle between headset/speakers at the push of a button. Maybe someone else knows.
  3. Is this possible? Maybe a feature request? Since switching to P3D v2.5 I have not been able to use squawkbox and miss being able to split the comms into comm1/comm2 via different audio outputs. On my simconnect PC I have a headset which was mapped to comm1 and then comm2 would be mapped to the computer speakers. This was great as I could take the headset off in cruise, listen to atis/other ATC as I flew. Is this something which is planned? If it can be done now, how? I don't see anything within the settings or after searching.
  4. Since it works when you are using teamspeak, the headset is not at fault. It will be something in your SB or fsinn settings. Tom
  5. Gotcha! I think thats just the way it works, it does the same here. I have never even thought about it until you posted I thought of it because while switching from between full and windowed mode last night during my first flight with REX 2 it switched out and my frame rates went up by about 5 or 6, but of course i was just screwing around so I can't remember how or what i did. Of course the system was under a lot of load and would like to try it again when the system load is less. Tom
  6. Jay, Im talking about when you first start FSX. When the splash screen appears windows switches into windows 7 basic mode in the display settings. Tom
  7. Not sure why this question popped into my mind but, when I load up FSX it switched to windows basic display mode or something like that. Is there a reason windows 7 does this and is there a way to make it not do this to see the performance differences? Tom
  8. Did you remember to put the install in admin mode or xp compatibility. Tom
  9. since you will be sticking with FS9, most computers today will be able to run it sliders max and a TON of add-ons. Personally i order all my machines from dell but wont get into that. I have a quad q9550 from intel OC'd to 3.144 ghz 8 gigs of ram velociraptor 10k rpm hdd and twin nvidia 9550's. FSX runs like a champ on my vista 64 bit set up, i would though reccommend waiting for windows 7. I will be upgrading. Tom Bergman A new va is coming
  10. For you not being able to see other aircraft while connected to vatsim what antivirus/firewall program are you using? some have reps for blocking planes from coming through. also do you have the SB ports configured correctly with your router? Tom
  11. alright, i have a new rig through dell's 10 days of deals. I have dual 9800 GT 512 mb cards, raptor HD at 10,000rpm, vista 64bit, 8 gig ram at 1033 mhz, and q9550 quad running 12mb cache and 2.8ghz. my question is that when i use the default aircraft i can run FSX at 30+fps with the sliders all at high with DirectX 10 preview, bloom, and flare checked off; when i switch to my Wilco CRJ i can only get 12 fps at best? is it wilco being unframe rate friendly or something else? I am completly lost and any help is much appreciated. Tom
  12. I don't either, as said in my post above, i have found a product that i know will work when it needs to. I accidentally backed a car (GMC Yukon) over my laptop. (yes i know i wasn't thinking) there was cosmetic damage but to my surprise it turned ON, all the data was there, the only time the plastic shell has been replaced. i think that is why i will never switch.
  13. heres my pc history with dell -1999-2000 dell optiplex pentium 2, ran excellent no problems -2000-2001 dell latitude laptop, ran excellent retired but still around -2000-2004 dell dimension 8250 pentuim 4 ht, again excellent -2003-present Dell dimension 8250 pentium 4 ht, right now one of the SkyWest Virtual servers after being retired as a gaming PC -2005-present Dell dimension 8400 pentium 4 ht, has always been the family computer and still runs strong -2005-2006 Dell inspiron 6000 - first was mine then i upgraded so it went to my dad as a secondary laptop. -2005-present Dell ispi
  14. Tom Bergman

    Gaming PC

    I am looking for some insight on what i need to look for with a new PC. system specs, sorry for all of you who hate dell but yes i will be going with them. I would like the PC to last for at least four years and be able to run FSX and other high end games at great frame rates.
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