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  1. Having known Martin for about 7 years, I found this comment amusing. ==== Thanks for the replies, both humorous and genuinely helpful - issue resolved (:
  2. Installed 3.2 over 3.0a, 3.0a backed-up. "The procedure entry point [email protected]@@[email protected]@[email protected] could not be located in the dynamic link library CacheXDll.dll." And ES does not start. What is this, and how can it be fixed? Thanks,
  3. The one I have has a file in .sct2 which won't open for me...
  4. Hi, I sent an email some time ago RE Euroscope .sct and .ese files - but I never received a reply, the VHHX pack that is available on the website will not open with Euroscope, are files available that can be used with ES? Cheers, Daniel
  5. Whilst at EIDW this evening: PILOT: "Is there an alternative to the north/north east?" ATC: "Affirm, runway 16." PILOT: "Can we have the ICAO for that!?" ATC: "E-I-D-W run-way 1-6!"
  6. As I said on the other forum - a well deserved appointment Martin For future reference, what were the contents of the brown envelope?
  7. Is she the STAR? If so, request several low approach and go-arounds EDIT: what on earth did you do with her? :'(
  8. It seems I found the cause of the problem - Internet Explorer, haven't quite found out why, but switching to Chrome seems to have done the job.
  9. It seems I found the cause of the problem - Internet Explorer, haven't quite found out why, but switching to Chrome seems to have done the job.
  10. Only just seen your reply Brad - apologies. I uninstalled those once I got my machine back in January. Purchased a new headset (a result of my chair rolling over my other one), and the problem still persists - also updated to the latest sound drivers.
  11. I had the same problem with a Question: Is it, or anything else on your system overclocked?
  12. Hello, I've a jack connection headset which I bought to replace an old one which was on its way out which I suspected was causing this problem. This problem can occur at any time and requires a shut down of all programs running. The problem is a sudden loss of sound which is remedied by closing down all running programs and applications and unplugging the headset and then plugging it back in again. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this before and if they could suggest a remedy? MS Windows 7 64-bit. The rest of the important specs. are in the banner below in my
  13. It's from overclockers.co.uk - I should hope that the PSU is supplying enough power - 600W To confirm, it's the latest driver set, for the correct OS and the correct card. The card is running at ~30 degrees centigrade when in game.
  14. Everything was fine until two days ago: I've installed the latest drivers, previous drivers, installed from scratch and still get the following problem with programs:- eg in Mafia II and now, FS2004, I get a problem where the program will freeze, I cannot alt+tab, CTRL ALT DEL, then after about 30 seconds, the screen will go black and the green power light on my monitor turn to the orange stby colour, after another ~20 seconds, the screen will resume normal ops. and the game/program unfreeze - but, it will happen multiple times. Any pointers? Power Supply: Corsair CX 600W
  15. I see, now I'd be prepared to agree: as I too disagree with say, EURW picking up a tag by the North East of Italy and then clearing it dct. to SITET for example.
  16. Not really relevent to the point Dave is making. Border to Border directs within a single states airspace is very different to giving directs of 1000miles plus over several states airspaces. It becomes even less relevent when you are unable to co-ordinate these directs with relevent units who may only come online well after the time the direct has been given. It's also interesting that Eurocontrol (the real one) is currently doing a lot of research into adherence to filed plans Vs random directs. It's different giving a direct for expedition when the route has been checked, co-o
  17. This doesnt happen Or then again, just unsubstantiated drivel as per: "Just an oberservation whilst flying through 99% of EUR* sectors." How about some of my unsubstantiated drivel: what about all the conflicts and technical losses of separation in the London area? 96.28% of which caused by controllers not giving directs. Perhaps you would want to write to the IAA and Portuguese aviation authority who also employ "free routing" and, border-to-border directs with your concerns? Then again, this is the omniscient and, omnipresent being who oversees every single EUC vACC contro
  18. Dear All, Please join me in welcoming Neil Stewart to the webteam. Neil brings a wealth of experience to vACC Malta and, I for one am looking forward to seeing his new work which is very much needed for this project! Congratulations and Welcome Aboard Neil!
  19. That was the plan, Peter I arrived home earlier than I originally anticipated (just as the event was getting started), anyone who lives in the 'UK and knows anything about the M6, will know that it's difficult to predict one's ETA! From what I have observed, the event seems to have been highly enjoyable for all the controllers and, hopefully, pilots who flew in and/or out of Luqa this evening. A big "well-done" to all those involved! I'd like to thank all controllers who stepped up to the mark and who gave up their free time on a Saturday night to control - likewise to pilot
  20. Dear All, With Cillian's departure as Acting Webmaster, I am opening the floor to application for this post within the vACC. Malta is a small and developing vACC within VATEUD and, is currently part of the "Open Skies" initiative which, is attracting more and more attention as of late. Successful applicants will be competent with webcoding and design and should have enough free time to delegate to creating and maintaining the website on a day-to-day basis. There is currently a template in the format of Joomla which, with Cillian's permission could be used - applicants are not
  21. All, please find the controller roster attatched, if you can't see it for any reason, right click the picture, copy the link, paste it into your browser and then save the image. Alternatively, just save it. If anyone has any changes to their availibility, I'll be availble until 2000Z tomorrow evening. After that, I will be away from home for the day whilst I go and strole around a University campus looking all very relaxed...
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