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  1. You should also let him know that the guy who flies AF1 also has to have 250 hours with the vUSAF flying a transport aircraft with no incidents on his record. It's one of their most prestigious positions so the new guy will have a few rungs to climb to get in that seat. Yeah i learnt that just after i posted it oops.
  2. Juan I am Visually impaired myself due to an infection i got last year i am not fully blind but i find it hard to see at times and i am glad that you get the same experience as us over here i always wanted to fly a plane and when my eyes went bad i couldnt so now i have the next best thing if you ever need to ask something don't hesitate to email me at [email protected] Take Care buddy see you in the skies!
  3. over at the VUSAF we fly airforce one and escort it ill post pics in the screenshots forum!
  4. I have been having a problem where my add on senery doesn't show at all but it will mark where the buildings are on the ground any ideas?
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