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  1. Thanks... that will keep things simpler!
  2. Is there any tangible benefit from running Vpilot in the remote configuration? I'm trying to reduce the load on my Simming machine... Thanks Jim Harris
  3. Jim Harris

    ATC Alert!!

    Can Vpilot make a noise of flash a message when a new ATC station comes online? I hate it when I'm flying along and don't realise I'm now in someones airspace until I get a "contact Me" I like to be ready! I tried using a seperate program like Vatspy etc but I'm trying to ease the load on my PC. Also, what range does Vpilot use to populate the list? Ta! Jim Harris
  4. Hallo Can I fly this in the EU/UK on Vatsim? I am a masochist but don't want to cause ATC any bother. The only issue I can see is that I'd have to fly Holds manually... Anyone else flown this aircraft on Vatsim? Jim
  5. If I plan a route to EGPH from say EGNX I'd use a standard route such as.. N57 POL N601 INPIP1E But in a smaller aircraft or one with dodgy avionics such as the MSFS TBM, I'd prefer to fly to TLA and commence an ILS 24 0r 06 approach. Is this a done thing? I could not figure a way to get off the STAR (INPIP1E) and on to the approach... I know I'd expect vectors if EGPH was manned, but what if it isn't... And what would happen in the real world? Ta. Jim Harris 832078
  6. I've been watching Airline2sim's excellent videos, he's done an approach into GCTS recently. He flew a VOR approach. In real life.. when would you fly that sort of thing (or an NDB etc)? I'd expect to be vectored most times. Why are they published and who would use them and when. If you see what I mean. Jim Harris EGBN
  7. OK, thanks Don.. I'll have to learn to read quickly!
  8. Hallo When I'm flying and someone sends a message to Unicom it flashes up in my sim in a green window. Can I make it stay there longer as I'm not quick enough to read it! (i'm thick). Also, can I send a unicom message, or to an ATC i'm tuned to directly from the sim or do I have to keep alt tabbing to the Vpilot app? I have read the docs and searched, but not found the answer. Thanks Jim Harris EGBN
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