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  1. Hi there Clint, I have attached a photo below showing you where to change your start location; [/img] Any more questions, feel free to ask Have fun
  2. Thanks David, that solver my problem Cheers Vipul
  3. thanks Matt, i am trying out a few things aswell, and will post up if anything succeeds.
  4. Thanks Ross, I am sorry, the title is misleading. Let me rephrase the title, "My EICAS is dead" My PMDG737 series works great but the 744 and the 744F EICAS just go blank after 5seconds whether or not its a cold and dark start-up or active start-up.
  5. Hey guys, Well, as the title says it, after all the cockpit preparation, start-up procedures, the IRS still doesn't show up, all the screens are just black and blank. They show up for about 5 seconds and then go dead. I recently updated my Nvidia drivers, do you think this may be something to do with it? Vipul
  6. I think Friday night is pretty good as everyone gets back from work, Saturdays and Sundays are alright.
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