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  1. Great message... thank you Don. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!
  2. Likewise, semantics wasn't the intent. Simply, I knew Andreas was going to be called out on saying only a single occurrence so I tried to inform him before he got bashed about it. Should have sent that PDF to him in a PM instead of posting here. Mea culpa.
  3. Sorry Andreas, I need to disagree with what you wrote, not your fault as I don't think you saw this PDF: http://forum.vatusa.net/index.php?showtopic=3213&pid=17345&st=0entry17345 4 separate sessions occurred, this wasn't a one off thing.
  4. If a controller gives heading instructions in the takeoff clearance, is that legal? "YYY123, fly runway heading winds XXX etc."
  5. Andreas could do that, Kyle but it wouldn't apply over here. Eurocontrol is its own vACC in Europe (EuroCenter).
  6. Ross, couldn't have said it better. Guys, as much as you don't like the idea, you don't nor can you have complete control over everything that happens. Think about your local ARTCCs, you personally do not vote to approve every single change made to SOPs or sector files, do you? Food for thought.
  7. That would certainly make sense for top-down coverage. For FL240 and above, why would they ever require you to start with DEL and work your way up? It's all or nothing. You would never have a supercenter controller authorized only to work part of it. Have you seen your Controller A vs. Controller B scenario actually proposed anywhere, because I sure haven't seen it? Not sure where you came up with that, to be honest. In regards to the first part, you now are going to require ARTCCs to change their policies? Why are we even further inconveniencing ARTCCs? Really creating
  8. I support that too, by the way, as I mentioned several pages ago. I don't see anything wrong with requiring these folk (as part of the endorsement) to have VC status in the other ARTCCs. Which then leads me to ask this question, how many people do you expect would be able to attain this "super-center" status? Some ARTCCs require you to start from DEL and work your way up. Of the years I've been on VATSIM, I only know of one gentleman who was able to learn and maintain VC status at every ARTCC and it took him years (I remember all of us congratulating him on the forums) to obtain it. Th
  9. Ok guys, Christmas time is coming soon and I'm planning to give myself the gift of a new laptop to finally fly FSX! I know, PCs are better but due to other reasons, I need to get a laptop (Mac or Windows I don't care). Ideally, I would want to spend around $1000 for it. Any tips, hints, do's, don'ts, specific manufacturers to go to/avoid, anything really would be great! For example, will a 2.2GHz quadcore i7 with 8GB RAM and a 1GB NVIDIA card run FSX just fine? I plan to fly addon plane's with ActiveSky and REX so I'm trying to get the biggest bang for my buck. Thanks in advance!
  10. All, There is currently an issue with logging into VATUSA Services. The issue is currently being investigated and will be fixed as soon as possible. Please do not send a ticket to the support desk; we are well aware of the situation. Thanks.
  11. Anthony, As Paul said, just shoot an email to the VATUK Staff and describe the situation, what you remember, what you know, etc. From there, I'm sure they'll be able to not only answer your question better than us but also look into the issue more and perhaps provide some additional training to the controller in question involved.
  12. Awesome news! Hopefully they can catch up once Season 2 finishes airing up in Canada. Meanwhile, I'll just keep watching the newest episode on Thursdays as it makes itself available via the web
  13. Bryan, Our VRC Sector Files can be found here: http://www.zauartcc.org/forum/index.php?board=21.0 In order to access that board, you need to register for the forums. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected] instead of posting here. Regards, Joe
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