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  1. Karim, There is a huge list of VAs that work with VATSIM. Just go to http://www.linksmanager.com/vatsimvas. There you will find a list of airlines ordered by region. Hope this helps!
  2. All three work for me. TB Same for me. Everything works fine.... it might be on your end.....
  3. Morten, there are tons of VAs out there that are based on real airlines, most of them are VATSIM patterns. A list of VAs and their websites can be found here! Happy hunting/flying
  4. Sorry, but there is no way of making a free VA unless you know how to make web designs and you are knowledgeable in scripting (PHP, C++, JAVAScript, HTML ECT).
  5. Virtual Airlines also offer VATSIM Pilot Training Courses such as Fly UK, Delta and Canadian Express to name a few. There is also VATCAN (http://www.vatcan.org) and VATEDU (http://www.vateud.net/ptd). These organizations have been approved by VATSIM. I hope this helps!!! Welcome to VATISIM!
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