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  1. Hi Wade, Thanks for your answer. I solved this problem in late June. Here's what I had posted to the org, turns out the problem was very simple, and unrelated to XSB. OK GUYS ITS FIXED! You won't believe how dumb this thing is. I feel really bad for this 5 page thread. The night before XSquawkbox died here I thought my headset broke. It seemed it was not picking up sound anymore. So I opened up XP and tried to fly online. In the SETUP AUDIO page, my input was now set back to the Delta 1010 we have here (but it is an output only -- no input!) Last night, I discovered that my he
  2. Ok I have been using this for about 2 years now, latest XP 9.3 beta 12. Since last night, (well since I installed the UFMC v2 rc1 because I became a tester) , whenever the first voice transmission occurs, the sim becomes completely un-usuable. Of course I thought this UFMC had done something wrong, so I tried to remove it but it didn't change anything. When I go to the plugin menu and disable XSquawkbox, framerate goes back up to normal.. if I re-enable it dies again. What is going on here?! I didn't change anything.. Now I have tried re-installing XSquawkbox, lowering rendering settings t
  3. Any chance the LUA page is back up by 23:00Z? I would need to check my callsign and route...
  4. Good to hear, can't wait! To bad I can't access my route anymore though.. oh well.
  5. The LUA is still going to take place... right?
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