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  1. Oh man, I hope he didn't call CNN after that. "Danger in the skies....Controllers drinking and taking personal phone calls at work"
  2. I can never understand that if a pilot leaves the flight deck with no ATC, why they don't crank up their speakers if they are still in the house so that they can hear a controller calling them that might have popped up in the interim, or if they are getting dinged with either a "contact me" message or private chat. Seems to me a common sense approach in this regard, albeit amongst some pilots common sense isn't. And please don't say that not everyone has external speakers. They can certainly mute the engine noise but still keep an ear open through their pilot client.
  3. How about a lottery system to where their guys get [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned? At the current numbers of [Mod - Happy Thoughts]imilation, ZBW will surp[Mod - Happy Thoughts] ZLA with a mega roster! Seriously though...welcome BVATC crew! If you never had a chance to work an AF1, your in for a treat
  4. Not to worry Janet......Everyone here at ZMA is as gentle as a hurricane Seriously though, get on those comms!! I promise.....we don't bite. Nice to see that Boston John....err Don, has a following amongst the ladies
  5. And just to clarify it further for you Chad, if the above wasn't enough, ZMA policy is radar controller discretion as to whether or not to treat a Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] D field as towered. It can be dependent on r/w world TWR closings as well as the level of traffic the controller may be working at the time. That is to say that at times you "may" get TWR services from one of our radar guys after r/w closure, or you may not get TWR services during r/w open time. Again, it's radar controller discretion. Short of asking ahead of time if a Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] D is open or closed relati
  6. Hi Janet...your husband told me that I'm one of your favorite controllers Tell him that if your the pilot monitoring, you get to talk on the radio!
  7. We're poking the bear, and hoping it awakes. BL. Remember what they say......sometimes you chase the bear and other times the bear chases you. Be careful
  8. Great to hear that our ramp guy provided excellent customer service. In fact, that's a new position we created for large scale events. It worked so well for us during CTP that we decided to make it a permanent position for these type events. That, plus the south FL experience of normally dealing with newbie South American pilots with language difficulties, seemed to pay off for us last night. ZMA also had the distinct pleasure of saying goodbye to our WF gang as they departed US airspace. It was close to 3AM when we finally shut down after getting the traffic over to MDSD CTR. All in all,
  9. Thanks Steven. Our guys had fun as well. I think everyone will be dreaming data tags in their sleep after tonight...
  10. The recent NY times article was a very nice piece describing Vatsim. The lead on that was Vatsim's spokesperson, Justin Friedland, who has experience in the national media himself. The Houston piece seems to be nothing else than a local affiliate trying to boost their ratings by crying fire in a crowded movie theatre. This is probably a good lesson for anyone who thinks that they can trust the media to do the right thing all the time. To be on the safe side, media interviews should be left to those who are savvy enough to know exactly what makes the news media tick.
  11. Thank you for the kind words Louis. On behalf of our entire controlling roster, it's our pleasure to provide you with ATC services. Thank's for flying ZMA and we hope to see you again in the very near future. Ken Bambach ZMA ATM
  12. There are still some pilots out there who simply copy and paste their route from simroutes, etc. and have no idea what it means nor how to fly it. On a non-hybrid SID RNAV, the first waypoint can be given in the takeoff clearance i.e wind xxx @ xx, RNAV to SENOY, R/W 8R, cleared for takeoff. The pilot then needs to read back "RNAV to SENOY" to confirm that the FMC is properly configured for the first waypoint on the SID, especially when running parallel departures. When they dont read it back, or give the old pregnant pause with a "Huh?", chances are the pilot is in over his head with what he
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