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  1. Today we celebrate 20 years of VATSIM! An incredible feat, and one which would not have been possible without all our members, past and present. You have contributed to our community by flying, providing air traffic services, and serving as supervisors or in administrative positions to ensure that our network continues to grow and be successful. To celebrate, we are starting a month-long celebration with events on the network, interviews with some of our staff members, distributing over $2,500 of prizes, and some other surprises! During the next few weeks, we will be visiting all th
  2. VATSIM is a voluntary international online flight simulation network with well over 114,000 active members. The VATSIM Board of Governors Vice President Supervisors (VATGOV9) Accepts, reviews and processes applications and requests of Members to Supervisor status. Submits requests to the Board of Governors for approval or disapproval and notifies individuals and Regional Directors of the Board’s decision regarding all such applications. This Governor is also responsible for maintenance of VATSIM database records regarding Supervisor ratings status and monitors the performance
  3. Members may or may not be aware that VATSIM retired it’s Wazzup and v1 JSON data feeds on the 7th April 2021 at 0001z. There have been a variety of questions posed in the days that have followed, and we hope the below provides answers to them all. Why have we retired the old feeds? This data feed has historically caused several issues - specifically for staff maintaining it, the accuracy of data and the data changing without notice. This has been the case for several years, and the benefits of continuing to support and maintain the feed, no longer outweigh the negatives given the reliab
  4. Introducing the VATSIM Community Partnership Program VATSIM is proud to announce and open applications and initial members of our community partnership program! We realise that our community is what makes VATSIM the premier global online flight simulation network and wanted to create a program that celebrates the individuals who help us grow our community of flight simulator enthusiasts worldwide. Initially, we are opening this program to content creators who possess the qualities VATSIM looks for when promoting our community to their viewers and give them the
  5. Today, pilots will receive confirmation if they received a slot in our CTP lottery - some time after 1900 UTC. At 2000 UTC remaining slots will open up for people to book - these slots are ones that didn't match with anyone's pair and time preferences. If you didn't get a slot Please check the bookings page and select anything still available. People will also drop slots over the next week, so occasional/regular checking of the bookings page and you might get lucky. We tend to lock all the slots on the afternoon before the event (23rd April) and allow no further changes/bookings.
  6. You are now able to submit your preferences to be entered into our slot lottery: https://ctp.vatsim.net/reservation. You have from now until 2300 UTC on 13th April to submit your preferences. This post will explain what is available and how the lottery works therefore enabling you to make an informed choice as to what to select. To maximise your chance, we suggest you read my guidance on route pairs and times. How does the lottery work? After the 7 days are over, we will process out everyone's choices at random* and allocate out as many slots as possible. After this, we will open up the
  7. VATSIM is happy to announce that Tim Barber has been selected to serve as Vice President – Operations following the retirement of Mark Richards. In his new role, Tim will play a crucial role by ensuring all departments are working together to bring positive changes to VATSIM. Tim hails from Canada and joined VATSIM in 2001. He has held several staff positions on VATSIM, most recently as Vice President – Supervisors, a position he has held since 2016. In addition to his time in various VATSIM staff positions, he also helped start one of VATSIM’s first Authorized Training Organizations to p
  8. Continuing Tech Blogs Q1 2021 Continuing with our desire to utilize the technical team blogs more, we have some updates to give regarding our services and upcoming network changes. As we look forward to 2021, and back over the first quarter of the year, we have many exciting things coming, and many old services that are being retired to make way for the future of VATSIM technology! Infrastructure We have refreshed our load balancing layer to give us better insight into traffic, and allow more configuration options moving forward. As part of this project, we’ve moved more
  9. 14 March 2021 In readiness for the release of Velocity, VATSIM is announcing the upcoming retirement of 5 pilot clients and 2 controller clients effective 0000z on April 1, 2021. The pilot clients are Squawkbox, Squawkbox747, Squawkbox for Fly!, XConnect, and FSINN. The controller clients are ASRC and SPARC. These clients will no longer be able to connect to VATSIM servers after this time. Please note that xSquawkbox for xPlane is not affected and will continue to be compatible with VATSIM. The reasoning behind the decommissioning of these client
  10. Introducing VATSIM Velocity! VATSIM is proud to reveal our new position updating technology called Velocity. Velocity provides position updates more rapidly our current FSD solution. The position update frequency is what determines how other user’s aircraft move when you see them in your flight simulators. For most applications on VATSIM the once every 5 second reporting along with interpolation within the pilot clients provided a solution that worked well. Occasionally, users would see other aircraft make unrealistic jumps or stutters when a new position report was received. How
  11. Welcome to Cross The Pond: Westbound 2021! It's that time of the year again and you've had your chance to choose which airports will take part in this rendition of the iconic CTP event. Airfield voting has now closed and your votes have been counted! Below is the final list of confirmed airports that will facilitate your flights on Saturday April 24th! Departures: Manchester - MAN/EGCC with some supplementary flights from London Heathrow (LHR/EGLL) Amsterdam Airport Schiphol - AMS/EHAM Brussels Airport - BRU/EBBR Frankfurt Airport - FRA/EDDF Du
  12. 09 January 2021 Dear VATSIM Members, Today we were informed by the team at FLAI, who maintained the most robust model matching solution for our FSX & P3D users, that they are suspending their services with immediate effect. The reasoning for this is a disagreement between FLAI and the Alpha India Group, who have the ownership rights to about 90% of the liveries included in the FLAI package. As a result of this disagreement, Alpha India Group have revoked the permissions for their works to be redistributed via FLAI. FLAI takes having permission to redistr
  13. VATSIM New Year Message As another year draws to a close, we reflect on what has been an extraordinary and unusual year for all of us, wherever in the world we reside. First and foremost, we hope you and your families are safe and well. For our community, 2020 was busy. We clocked over 6.2 million flying hours and 630,000 controlling hours in the last 12 months. And in the summer, VATSIM hit 100,000 active members. In August, we saw the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator, with VATSIM compatibility from day one. We also re-launched the pilot rating system
  14. 04 December 2020 The Founders and Board of Governors would like to take a few moments to thank our controllers and controller staff members for their hard work thus far in 2020 and their continued selfless contributions to our network. VATSIM would not be the best online aviation network in the world if it were not for the contributions and sacrifices our members who pursue air traffic control ratings make daily. The countless hours one puts into training for a new rating, providing air traffic services on the network for the pilots, and going even further above and beyond by trainin
  15. Welcome back to the re-ignited Technical Team Posts This is a long-overdue posting, and we will be aiming to do this more regularly as things go forward into 2021! There are many exciting plans for the network. We hope that by writing these posts, we can be more transparent with the network's membership about what has happened, what is currently happening, and where we can say what will be happening! We’ll split these posts out into sections where appropriate; such as Infrastructure and Development, to make things a little clearer. Infrastructure For a
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