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  1. Major Revision to VATSIM’s Code of Regulations As previously announced, VATSIM is completing a major change to its governance structure with a primary goal of simplifying the organization’s hierarchy, thus bringing the membership even closer to the Board of Governors and ensuring better collaboration and alignment throughout the organizational structure. Effective 01 October 2020, a new revision of VATSIM’s Code of Regulations (CoR) will go into effect. This revision incorporates twenty-one amendments to the Code of Regulations, the largest single change to this document in VATSIM’s his
  2. It's once again time for the annual Worldflight charity event! Departing on October 31st, participants will circumnavigate the globe in just seven days, and they need your help! To ensure full ATC coverage during the event, Worldflight is recruiting a team of devoted and experienced controllers who can step in should local controllers be unavailable. Being a part of the Worldflight ATC team is independent of your assigned division, meaning you can control wherever needed at the time. Controlling during Worldflight is an exciting opportunity to help support a noble cause! Interes
  3. 13 September 2020 An Incredible Milestone for VATSIM I am writing to you today to announce and congratulate all VATSIM members on an amazing accomplishment for our network. As of last Saturday, 05 September 2020, VATSIM has eclipsed 100,000 active members! We are in the middle of the busiest development cycle that VATSIM has seen in its almost 20 year history as we continue to work to ensure you, our members, have the best experience possible with your hobby - but it would be remiss if we did not stop and take pause at this accomplishment and what it means.
  4. VATSIM announces Nicola Felini has been elected to VATSIM’s Board of Governors as Vice President, Conflict Resolution. We’re excited to announce that VATSIM North America Region Director, Nicola Felini, has been appointed to the VATSIM Board of Governors as the Vice President, Conflict Resolution. VATSIM strives to maintain consistency and fairness throughout the conflict resolution process, and as such, Nicola will be responsible for reviewing, modernizing, and maintaining all aspects of the Conflict Resolution division. Nicola was appointed to the position of North America Region D
  5. With Microsoft Flight Simulator on final approach, we are excited to announce the release of vPilot version 2.6, adding compatibility for this new simulator. We are aware of a performance issue that was not present during beta testing, where if you run certain types of SimConnect applications (of which vPilot is one) then it causes frame rate reduction and stuttering. We are in contact with Asobo and Microsoft who are investigating, and we'll update you when we have more information. vPilot users will automatically receive an update upon opening the client, whereas new users can fin
  6. VATSIM is delighted to announce that Matt Bozwood-Davies has been elected to VATSIM’s Board of Governors as Vice President, Technical Development. Matt works in web and software development in his real world job, and has a strong background in the online flight simulation community. Many of you will know him from previous staff positions in Jacksonville ARTCC, or more recently from his involvement with BAVirtual, as well as being a VATSIM Supervisor. Matt has been an active VATSIM developer for many months, mostly focussing on myVATSIM which is the hub for the new registration process and
  7. VATSIM is happy to announce that our new logo assets and branding guide are now available for public use. Members are free to use our logo in accordance with our branding guide for their marketing needs. Exceptions to the branding guide may be approved with prior approval from the Vice President Marketing & Communications by emailing vpmkt (at) vatsim.net The branding guide is available at https://vats.im/brand The logo assets are available at https://vats.im/logo
  8. Message from: Gunnar Lindahl, VATSIM President Date of Release: 9 August 2020 Like any organisation, VATSIM needs to constantly review the way that we deliver our services to our membership. It’s important that we adapt to the way our organisation is evolving, whilst recognising that VATSIM remains a hobby, above all. The past twelve months have seen some of the biggest changes in our history. In October 2019, VATSIM delivered a new voice platform that has revolutionised the experience for both pilots and controllers. Since then, we have delivered a new pilot client for X-Plane and our
  9. Important Links Pilot Resource Center: https://vats.im/prc vPilot: https://vats.im/vpilot Air Traffic Controller Training: https://vats.im/atc Code of Conduct: https://vats.im/coc Frequently Asked Questions "I’m new to VATSIM and I want to get started flying as fast as possible" Before you get started flying please ensure that you’ve ready through our pilot resource center on how to file a flight plan for VFR or IFR flight → https://vats.im/prc "How can I connect to VATSIM with Microsoft Flight Simulator?" VATSIM uses an app
  10. Q. I forgot my password. How do I get it reset?A. Go to the Member Help page of the VATSIM website. The fourth option under "Membership Links" is "Forgotten your Password" which will take you to a page where you can reset your password.------------Q. I've changed my email address. How do I update my account?A. Go to the Member Help page of the VATSIM website. The third option under "Membership Links " is "Update your Email Address " which will take you to a page where you can update your account.------------Q. I have a problem with my account. Can I just create a new account?A. No! The Members
  11. VATSIM

    VATSIM Servers

    Q. What server do I connect to?A. All of the VATSIM servers are connected to each other to create the network. If you are connected to any server, you can see and interact with people connected on any other server. To minimize lag caused by transmission times to and from the server, you should connect to the server closest to your location. Servinfo provides the ability to ping each of the servers and see what the transmission times are. We recommend connecting to the one with the lowest times from your computer.------------Q. What IP address do I connect to in my multiplayer session?A. VATSIM
  12. VATSIM


    Q. I'd like to donate money to support VATSIM. Why can't I?A. Finances are a serious issue and have been the downfall of other online networks in the past. The Founders (who own VATSIM) are aware of the pitfalls and have made the decision not to accept donations at this time. If you are interested in giving back to VATSIM, they encourage you fly on-line or to consider becoming a controller and contributing to the network in that manner.------------Q. I have a web server and would like to donate it to the network. How do I do this?A. There are specific technical and access requirements VATSIM s
  13. VATSIM


    Supervisor FAQQuestion: "What is a Supervisor?"Answer: VATSIM Supervisors monitor on-line simulation activities to provide help to members and ensure smooth on-line operations.Any network which serves for a high number of members need a couple of members, who take care for the members. VATSIM Supervisors are elected members, who are taking care for the smooth interaction of members online in the network. But they do more: they help members, who have questions and are online authorities.Without Supervisors, the network simply would not work. If you have any questions, need some help, or see som
  14. FAQ: Vehicles on the network Q: Why can't I operate a pushback tug on the network?A: The VATSIM network exists to simulate air traffic control and flight operations. Our bandwidth is donated by people and organizations who support that effort. The VATSIM Founders have determined that operating non-aircraft vehicles on the network is outside the purpose of the network and therefore a misuse of the donated bandwidth. As such, non-aircraft vehicles are not allowed on the network.------------Q: Why can't I operate a "follow-me" truck/fuel truck/boat/train on the network? Software for a
  15. VATSIM


    Q. Can I hold an event to raise money for my new home cockpit?A. NO; the VATSIM network cannot be used to raise money for personal gain.Q. My local charity is looking for more funds; can I solicit money over the VATSIM network by approaching the VATSIM membership?A. NO; VATSIM does not allow a direct approach or soliciting donations in this manner.Q. Can I raise money for my local charity by holding an official VATSIM approved event?A. VATSIM will consider an application of this type provided that your application meets all criteria described below.(i) You must be able to show evidence that yo
  16. VATSIM


    Q. I have a sponsor who has offered cash so that his name and products can be advertised on our website; can I buy prizes with the money and award them to the winners in my competition?A. NO; VATSIM will not allow you to receive money to purchase award prizes.Q. I am arranging an event; can I approach sponsors for prizes to be awarded to successful competitors?A. YES; VATSIM will allow you to accept software/hardware or other flight sim related products from suppliers for the purpose of awarding prizes for an event.Q. Can I display my sponsor's logo on our website in recognition of their suppo
  17. Q. I have discovered a new commercial release of FS9 and FSX scenery for XXXX and want to let the VATSIM membership know about it; am I permitted to make a forum post about it?A. YES; you are simply advising VATSIM membership about your discovery so you may post a comment and a link to that product.Q. I want to advertise VATSIM membership of my new scenery which I have for sale and want to post the details and where they can buy it on the VATSIM forums; is this permitted?A. NO; this is NOT permitted since you are advertising a commercial product for sale and in violation of CoR 1.01(B)Q. Can I
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