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  1. What use would it be to controllers? Not every pilot uses the same weather engines, some fly CAVOK, so you could effectively give someone a vector in to a storm, rather than avoiding it. Ross
  2. Ross, Do you have the ILS track and distance markers for EGNR 22 and offset 04 ? (......do you need them ?) Blue Skies I use the runways in Euroscope, so EGNR runways are available. however, because i use ES runways all my centrelines are all set to what i have set them as (12 miles), To have EGNR's ILS showing on my main radar screen would get a bit messy with Liverpool. However, EGNR's runaways are turned on in my detailed asr file. Do i need them? If i had a Hawarden arrival, yes; the last Hawarden arrival i had (last week) was handled by Liverpool Radar. Ross
  3. Evening, Here is my London North set up, i have a second asr which i toggle to which i call "Detail", that asr contains all the ground geo, stands, holding points and the odd important VRP; it helps keep my main radar screen clear of clutter. http://i244.photobucket.com/albums/gg6/Roscow550i/ttn.jpg Ross
  4. Very Nice. Nice to see more American ES set ups!
  5. Hi Julian, The VATUK forum is now integrated with the vatsim CERT (ish)...if you try logging in with your vatsim registered CID and PID. If you're still having problems email Ant (Web Services Manager) - webmaster[at]vatsim-uk.co.uk. Cheers,
  6. Someone's got to keep me right Ok that makes sense...thanks
  7. Todor, Updating the sector version to match the URL works, thanks! The 7.za was packed with the correct version of files. Its all working, thank you. However, Currently, all the people who use my .ese and .sct are using a copy called egpx.ese/.sct ... is there any way to update them automatically? Or would i just need to instruct the users to download the new files through ES, delete the old file (egpx.ese/sct) and when they reload their profiles select the newly downloaded files as the active sector file for that profile, from then on the files should then update automa
  8. This is the provider file:- EuroScope Sector File Provider File NAME:VATSIM-UK Sector File Provider URL:http://www.solway-aviation-museum.co.uk/ross/VATSIM-UK_sector_files.txt DOWNLOADINTERVAL:48 SECTOR_NAME:Scottish Control (EGPX) SECTOR_FILE_NAME:EGPX SECTOR_VERSION:1.4 SECTOR_URL:http://www.solway-aviation-museum.co.uk/ross/EGPX_V1.4.7za Thanks,
  9. Hi All, I've just set up some sector file provider files and have been testing them. Since i haven't released it yet I've been manually editing the main provider.txt to include my provider files for the purpose of testing. I have one question, client side tho. My .sct and .ese are called EGPX_v1.2 respectively and are packed up as per the wiki. However, if i update the files to v1.3 in the provider files, load the profile the files are used on and select to download the new files through the downloads section it doesn't override the old files, so the user would have to reload the n
  10. It was my understanding that to get Skyview you need to be part of an aviation/ATC related company and on the register page it specifically says "Access will not be provided to virtual aviation community members" I have to admit, the UK AIP isnt bad, most CTA's, RVAs and pieces of airspace have their cords in there somewhere..
  11. You can always record your own. I really dislike the start-up sound so i used audacity to generate a few seconds of silence and replaced the start up sound with that...now my ear drums don't burst when i start ES. Ta,
  12. They're not automatically in the alies file, you need to just copy mine and paste it in to your alies file.
  13. Hi, The autotext commands (as far as i know) are stored in the alies file. In my file i have them at the bottom and have changed the phraseology to match UK phraseology. .autoproceed Route direct $1. .autoclearedils Turn $1 heading $2 to intercept the localiser runway $arrrwy($arr). When localiser established, descend with the glidepath. .autoclearedvisual Make a visual switch onto runway $deprwy($arr). .autoclimblevel Climb FL$1. .autoclimbaltitude Climb to altitude $1 ft, QNH $altim($dep) mb. .autodescendlevel Descend FL$1. .autodescendaltitude Descend to altitude $1 ft, QNH $al
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