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  1. I think you should just be happy that they HAVE internet up where you are now, eh???
  2. Oh, no... The only way that we can compete in the coffee wars is that San Francisco invented the IRISH Coffee... http://www.flyawaycafe.com/san-francisco-irish-coffee-at-the-buena-vista-cafe/
  3. From our end, if we have our normal wind configuration you should expect the GAPP3.BEBOP.R464.BITTA.MAGGI3 out of SFO departing RWY 28L or 28R with the GAPP3 Departure, BEBOP Transition, going through NORMM... BRINY is not used anymore...
  4. I know we are excited to get ourselvs a permanant EC, but posting it twice on the VATUSA home page seems a bit unfair, eh??? heheheheheh
  5. VATUSA Friday Night Ops (FNO) and Virtual Continental's TGIF both come to VATSIM's ZOA on Friday, August 4th, 2006. FNO will be going to KRNO Reno / Tahoe International Airport and KSMF Sacramento International Airport, while TGIF will be visiting KSFO San Francisco International Airport. ZOA will be fully staffed at these three facilities as well as Approach and Departure Controls and, of course, Oakland Center. Everyone is invited to come fly in to America's Biggest Little City, California's State Capital and the City By The Bay. Visit the ZOA Events Forum for more information...
  6. Our first graduate (David Carman) has already p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed his BAY_TWR OTS and is working on Approach... He truly came out of the academy well prepared for field training. Our appreciation for all the work done. We look forward to many more graduates.
  7. What I see is the same version that has been out since June... Perhaps Peter will be posting the update later today???
  8. You should make an "Academy Graduate" or "Academy Alumni" one...
  9. It could have been more funny if the Controller happened to be gay and responded: "Well, I'm a Queen, and I out rank a Baron" Yet another reason when giving progressive taxi instructions in San Francisco one should not say: "Go Straight"... Yup, you'll always here me say "Continue Foward."
  10. Ian, you didn't have to black out my call sign, you know
  11. Please accept my sincere gratitude for a job well done by Joseph Case during his shift at KC_CTR this morning. At around 1000 local time, while on a flight from Sacramento CA to Washington DC, in my first flight in the Eaglesoft Citation X, I had a No. 2 engine failure just east of your airspace. After unsuccessfully initiating a restart, I decided to land with one engine. I am not so familiar with the middle of the country, so I could only think to try for Kansas City. I contacted KC_CTR and reported my emergency. Mr. Case, without hesitation accepted my situation and never wavering in his pr
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