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  1. Router doesn't seem to be the problem - Any other ideas please?
  2. Hi Sean, I never thought of the Router option! Thanks. I've managed to get flying but still VRC is not working which is strange! Will try router and update.
  3. Hi All, Unfortunately I am getting similar issues with VRC and ES, mostly VRC. I have updated the servers again and the server list downloads, but when I click connect, the initial box disappears yet no connection happens, no unable to connect warning etc, nothing. On Windows 8.1 if that makes any difference, does anyone have any idea? Many thanks
  4. May well be. Thanks for your time and help today.. I'm very impressed with what I am seeing so far!
  5. I'm not sure. As I say, when i first tried to run the 3.5 framework it would open and then close instantly, not doing anything. I'm not really up to date with this stuff so wasn't sure how long it would take and [Mod - Happy Thoughts]umed that it may have already been done.
  6. I've been playing about.. and just tried to reinstall vSTARS again and its ran fine this time! I'm guessing it may have been a .net problem as reinstalling that then vSTARS seems to have worked. I look forward to testing this out! Thanks! Alistair
  7. Further update - Just redownloaded 3.5, and it installed. However, still getting same error message.
  8. I've got .net framework 4 installed.. would that make any difference? Thanks
  9. I've downloaded it.. tried both double clicking and right click / run.. nothing seems to happen. Thats downloading from the link in your FAQ's. Edit: Not sure if it helps, but i understand another person had a problem with vSTARS not being compatible outside of the US.. I'm with ZDC but based in Scotland if that makes a difference.
  10. Hi Guys, Any help here please? I can't think what to do to solve this problem. http://tinypic.com/r/2uijd4h/5 I've played about with things, nothing seems to be working. I checked that direct sound definitely works when using VRC too. Thanks, Alistair
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