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  1. Swiss alps in MSFS is definately going to be another league of beautiful screenshots! I shall be waiting for those from you!
  2. This looks amazing! Nice shot Christoph!
  3. Congratulations Ali on your new position!!
  4. Thank you for your input Brant!
  5. Would you be interested in a VATSIM Middle East Podcast with select members of staff and the community? Let us know of your thoughts in this thread if you are interested and we can potentially look into it in the future.👀
  6. As Sebastien said, TCAS RA will overide ATC instructions. When it happens, You shall notify immediately the appropriate ATC unit of any RA which requires a deviation from the current ATC instruction or clearance.
  7. I'm not very sure to be honest, but, I would assume it is VRC. You can check the VATUSA website for more information on this. Additionally, here is the link to software for ATC used in VATSIM.
  8. Hello, Yes, you can login as an observer through the atc client as well as listening to frequencies on AFV. However, make sure your range when connecting as an OBS is set to 300.
  9. Olá, Infelizmente, não há servidor brasileiro no VATSIM. A melhor opção para você será USA-EAST, USA-WEST ou CANADA. [Mod Translated] Hello, unfortunately there’s no Brazilian server on VATSIM. The best option for you would be USA-EAST, USA-WEST or CANADA.
  10. The forum system is most likely trying to remove the word "A**" from a post, however, it seems that it is also deleting this when grouped in a word such as "pa**ing"
  11. Hello Chris! First of all, warm welcome to VATSIM! You would tune directly to the approach controller's frequency and he/she would provide delivery, taxi and takeoff clearances as well as climb or course instructions if outbound. If Approach was not online, then the CTR controller would handle these extra responsibilities as well. This also works vice-versa when arriving into an airport. In the case that there are no controllers online, you shall monitor unicom-frequency(122.800) I hope this answered your questions. See you in the skies!
  12. Hello There, This link should be helpful; https://www.vatsim.net/pilots/getting-started These youtube Playlists from AvationPro are also helpful in getting started; 1. VATSIM Tutorial Pack 2. VATSIM In-Depth Tutorials Welcome to VATSIM, Enjoy flying!!
  13. Congratulations and best of luck to Zach and Ray Lang on their positions in VATPAC!
  14. evening! Use map.vatsim.net Then on the search bar, change the search query to User and type in your CID. It should pull out some of your latest flights, and you can take a detailed view of one of your filght.
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