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  1. Congratulations on the position Chriss! I can't wait to see what you have in plan for VATMENA!!
  2. Hey Matt, We chose a peculiar way of our numbering for the divisional positions 😛. VATME (3 - Department number [in this case 3 goes for ATC Department]) and (1 - Position number in the department).
  3. Hello, Please raise a support ticket on https://vasops.vatsim.net to contact a VA Audit manager to help solve your issue. 😉
  4. Congrats Svetlin! Wish you the best in your new position!
  5. The Technical Director is responsible for development and management of all VATME information systems. This is includes but is not limited to all websites, databases, communications services and applications. They are responsible for hiring and overseeing the management of the VATME Technical Team . The Technical Director reports to the VATME Board Team. The duties are not limited to those described below. Requirements: Thorough knowledge of PHP 7 or newer, MySQL/MongoDB databases, and Git & GitHub (including branching, merging, pull requests) Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and
  6. Swiss alps in MSFS is definately going to be another league of beautiful screenshots! I shall be waiting for those from you!
  7. This looks amazing! Nice shot Christoph!
  8. Would you be interested in a VATSIM Middle East Podcast with select members of staff and the community? Let us know of your thoughts in this thread if you are interested and we can potentially look into it in the future.👀
  9. As Sebastien said, TCAS RA will overide ATC instructions. When it happens, You shall notify immediately the appropriate ATC unit of any RA which requires a deviation from the current ATC instruction or clearance.
  10. I'm not very sure to be honest, but, I would assume it is VRC. You can check the VATUSA website for more information on this. Additionally, here is the link to software for ATC used in VATSIM.
  11. Hello, Yes, you can login as an observer through the atc client as well as listening to frequencies on AFV. However, make sure your range when connecting as an OBS is set to 300.
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