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  1. FSX: I am afraid that there are no add-on sceneries for FSX available for EDDT & EDDB. But pilots are more than welcome to join the "24 Hours Berlin" event with FSX-standard scenery. FS9 (FS2004): Please use one of the sceneries recommended on the event-homepage to avoid significant off-sets from other pilots! We recommend to switch off the crash-detection. All necessary information available at http://berlin.vacc-sag.org/24h-berlin See you on our scopes at the weekend!
  2. I never experienced any problems as described with pilots how fly into my airport, taxi to the gate, file a new flight plan to another destination. They are able to do so and to send the new flight plan to that new destination and I can see the change. So I think Norman is right one more time when he says, that the flight plan will be "unlocked" after landing.
  3. In my sectorfile I had in the [AIRPORT] section entrys like following: EDDT 124.525 N052.33.38.000 E013.17.32.000 A Berlin Tegel It did not work with ATIS and .rcenter and automatic .rcenter in case of login. After changing it to - pay attention to the semikolon - : EDDT 124.525 N052.33.38.000 E013.17.32.000 A ;Berlin Tegel it works.
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