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  1. Fantastic, thank you all so much! I've had a chance to try out a few airports around Europe (offline for a bit), and I must say that the efficiency of the runway/sid/star/approach combination is VERY efficient. I quite like it! A few additional items popped up that I'm curious about: 1. I have noticed some zig-zag back-and-forth STARs. If traffic is light, should I expect to get vectors or fly the whole thing? 2. Is there a site (like flightaware.com in the US) where I can get airlines and flight numbers for a given route? 3. Airport parking - weird. In the US, pretty much
  2. I am a long time Vatsim member that has, to-date, only flown in the US. I'm very familiar with US procedures, airspace, flightplans, etc., but I'd really like to start flying in EU/UK airspace. Is there a resource that may help me get started? Specifically, I'm interested in the differences between US and EU airspace, rules, requirements, and planning. Some immediate things that come to mind are: -Finding flightplans -Transisition Altitudes -Eurocontrol vs. Center -Hierarchy of controllers (e.g. Delivery-Ground-Tower-Dep/App-Center) I'm sure I've missed a few others. I doubt
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