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  1. VATCARs' apology for what happened to Daniel. Our controllers do know how to control VFR traffic as relates to their individual airspace. In the coming month's we'll ensure the FIRs have up to date, clear and easily accessible pilot information on their websites. Along with any adjustments needed to accommodate the nature of the network. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. Hello, Very sorry for the delay. There was a recent ATM change, so things are a bit slow due to him getting settled. At the moment he's the only staff also, so expect things to move slow for a bit. Will forward this post to him, so he can get back to you.
  3. With tower trainer, the error is "The following winsock error occurred with index 3: (10061) connection is forcefully rejected"
  4. Reporting from VATCAR with multiple training members having the same problem. 2 trainin sessions had to be canceled.
  5. On September, 6th 2009, Piarco Overloads. From as far North as Antigua to as far South as Trinidad, ATC services will be provided throught the entire FIR. COme out and experience the best the Eastern Caribbean has to offer. Charts can be found at: http://piarco.vatcar.org/newhome/
  6. Every Sunday Afternoon between 1800z-2300z come join The Piarco FIR & San Juan Cerap in "Sunday Heat". Each Sunday one of Piarco’s 5 TMAs and one of San Juan’s 2 TMAs, will be fully staffed to accommodate all you’re flying & pilot needs. The Piarco FIR and San Juan Cerap are two of VATCAR’s most challenging and fun places to fly, NDB approaches, VOR & VORDME approaches, ILS and Visual approaches, Terrain challenges, Procedural, Full-radar and Non-radar ATC, we have it all. So come out, enjoy the beauty as you hop from Island to Island and discover the best VATCAR has to offer.
  7. Spring Break has begun, and it is time for a new event in the beautiful Eastern Caribbean. Fly on down to Martinique Aimé Césaire International Airport (TFFF) to experience a whole new world: The French Caribbean. Featuring a nearly 10,000 foot runway that can accomadate all the heavies you fly, and ILS approaches, this will be an event to end all events. Experience the best Air Traffic Control in the Caribbean while exploring a new island you may have never heard of before. Place: Martinique Aimé Césaire International Airport (TFFF) Time: Sunday, May 24th, 2009 (Labor Day Weekend
  8. Dates had to be changed, due to the cross the pond event.
  9. Its still snowing, its still very cold, so why not come down and join us in the Piarco FIR for a "Caribbean Retreat." At this time of the year, most people like to get away from the cold weather and the caribbean is the best place to experience that nice, warm weather. Three airports will be featured in this event, Grantley Adams Int'l(TBPB), Piarco Int'l(TTPP) and Crown Point Int'l(TTCP). Whether you want to fly VFR,IFR, ILS Approaches, NDB Approaches, VOR Approaches or Visual Approaches; we have it all. All the stocks will be pulled out and the airports will be fully staffed. Pilots
  10. New TBPB, Grantley Adams Int'l Scenery, released 1st, Feb 2009. Currently the best scenery for Barbados available. Download link: http://boredomcode.net/get.php?file=tbpb_v1.zip Speacial thanks to Max Kraus (Flyhalf) who took the time to make this excellent scenery for the Eastern Caribbean. We hope everyone enjoys.
  11. San Juan CERAP & Piarco FIR presents: Dutch & French Unite On February 1, 2009 at 1600Z, join us and explore two amazing airports of the Caribbean with rich historical backgrounds. TNCM-Princess Juliana & TFFR- Le Raizet and will be fully staffed to accommodate all types of traffic. Pilots are encouraged to come out and have a blast in the Caribbean. All types of flights are welcomed. Date: 1st-February-2009 Time: 1600Z - 2100Z Charts and procedures can be found at http://www.sjucerap.org/newsite/ & http://piarco.vatcar.org/ Pilots are encouraged to aqui
  12. Hey Joaquin, the best sceneries for Both Trinidad & Tobago are these 2: http://secure.simmarket.com/tropical-sim-crown-point-intl-v2-ttcp.phtml & http://secure.simmarket.com/tropicalsim-fly-to-caribe-12.phtml Hope you enjoy them..........also there is a new scenery comin out for TBPB. Looks like paradise
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