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  1. You are correct Nick, however if you give SAS464 the TAXI status, before you update the DLH105 - he should become #2.
  2. This is not Euroscope but the text file that VATSIM provides. It seems VATSIM receives wrong data sometimes and that causes the old METAR's.
  3. Not sure if you mean the Topsky METAR window? It is true for the TopSky METAR Window that it must be open to update. But if we are talking about the standard Euroscope METAR List, it is not necessary to have it visible. It will update in the background.
  4. Hi Mark, E-mail [email protected] as suggested earlier and ask there. He is responsible for the pilot ratings and I am sure he can provide some answers to you. 🙂
  5. Does it gives an error or does it just show NO DATA? Are you able to pull the metar in another client? VatSpy, vPilot etc? Years ago, there was a problem with Euroscope pulling METARs - so for the first hour or so you were online, the METAR list would only give you the ICAO followed by "NO DATA".
  6. I agree with you on that the wording could have been better. You have a point there, Matthew. What I don't get is, that every 6 months we get to hear the same story, from people complaining/expressing their sadness about, why they wasn't able to get a slot for CTP. Gents, this is a hobby - it is not only about the fun for the pilots but also for the controllers. Unfortunately there amount of controllers just doesn't match the amount of pilots and we have to face that fact. There has to be some kind of restriction, to keep it fun for everybody involved. One already wrote how CTP has only i
  7. Inside VRC you can modify the Color Profiles in Settings -> Color Profiles. There you select the profile you want to edit and select Modify. Not sure which one you'll have to edit, but you can try the different ones and see which one works.
  8. I don't really think that is an issue of vPilot. It may be FSUIPC that causes your issue. Are you running the latest version of vPilot and FSUIPC? We also don't know what aircraft you are experiencing this in, but anyway - I hardly believe this is caused by vPilot.
  9. In your initial post, you did not mention what client you were using. You wrote something about Squawkbox which makes me believe it is xSquawkbox and X-Plane. Have you considered trying X-Pilot and see if that works? Also, are you 100% sure you are correctly tuned to the frequency? I am not an expert in XSquawkbox but I believe XSquawkbox uses somekind of ingame messagelog which is known to cause messages getting missed by the pilot. We need some more details in order to help you otherwise will can only guess.
  10. That is 99% not going to happen, because the airport is closed in real world. Just like a lot of other airports that are closed in real world doesn't get others metars as well.
  11. I don't think so, since the airport you will be searching for is VHHX. I don't know which ATC client you are using, but you may be able to manipulate the ATIS using Euroscope, but I am not sure about that.
  12. It seems quite a lot of work to do, especially when you probably will be the only one who uses it. I suggest you learn how to use VRC which is fairly easy actually. By using the clients the local facility is developing files for, you are also able to use more updated files.
  13. No, once you have loaded the plugin, you will have to edit the departure list and add a column and use the button function "TopSky Plugin / Open PDC Menu". I have simply added that as a right click over the "Clearance Received Flag". Finland, Sweden and Denmark in Scandinavia has working setups using TopSky. But I suggest you don't do copy paste, but use it as references together with the developer manual. I can imagine that CPDLC only will work when connected to the VATSIM Network in order to avoid confusion, but I don't really know for sure. What I did was having a few people
  14. The request must in a exact format. The format that will work is this one in the picture. I am quite sure this was also written in the developer manual. So unless you write the message in the correct format, it will not work for you. The FSLabs and Hoppies own CPDLC tool does this and it works.
  15. Hi Sebastien, This is because your list is empty. Euroscope can not find the position you connected as and therefore can't set your primary frequency. Usually this is because you did not load the settings files. You can do that in Other Set -> Settings Files Setup If this doesn't help you, I suggest you take contact to the people in your vACC who is responsible for your Euroscope Sector Files.
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