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  1. Much appreciate the responses, guys. Good to know I haven't done anything stupid on my part. Cheers! 👍
  2. G'day, As of this morning AEST (Sydney) I have no traffic data at all. No ATC clients nor any pilots online. This is with VAT-spy as well as VATTASTIC and the online VATSIM map (https://vau.aero/fsmap/?osm). The browser is the latest Firefox. Is this something on my end (my connection/cookies), my ISP (faffing around with domain names) or a Vatsim issue? Would appreciate any help. Cheers! Tony
  3. Hi again, Ross, Apologies for the long delay getting back to you but the real world interfered (as it usually does) delaying further testing. The frames drops and stuttering continue, sometimes more and sometimes less but I think I am going to put that down to an aging machine and possibly something in the build nearing EOL. What I would dearly like to solve are the constant disconnects from the VATSIM servers. Any and all of them. Could it be something to do with my ISP and if yes, how could I explain what is happening to their techs so that they can understand what is going on ([Mod
  4. I'll be out of town for the weekend. Will resume testing from Monday. Regarding the stuttering I can confirm that it is present even when there is no Vatsim traffic in the area. As to whether it gets worse if there is, is something that will need to be checked. Also to be tested with default aircraft. I do have ESET Internet Security running on the sim computer which includes a very complicated (to these ignorant eyes anyway) firewall but as I have been running this software for the past 6 years, give or take, and have had no problems (that I know of) with it, it did not occur to me th
  5. Hi Ross, no idea if it also happens with default aircraft. I never fly those so it didn't occur to me to test that. I will. While on Vatsim I have my (MyTraffic) AI set to 0 and just rely on Vatsim traffic if it's around. However the choppiness and stuttering do manifest themselves during flight as well so I doubt if scenery complexity would play a part. Having said that, I do use ASN and SF3D for my Wx and textures during flights. The odd thing is that everything was working fine until about a month ago. I have fairly conservative settings in the sliders as both my usual go-to add-ons
  6. Started a short flight (NZCH - NZAA, FSL A320) and connected to Vatsim. Approximately ten minutes later I got my first disconnect from the server. Re-connected and continued the taxi. As you can see from the images (linked to my Dropbox) the vPilot memory footprint looks very reasonable. I noticed a slight jump when the disconnect occurred but it went back down on re-connect. However, having vPilot running did impact the fluidity of the sim. I am linking a short FRAPS vid to illustrate but I'm not sure if you will be able to make out the differences. There is one long pause at 00:16 lastin
  7. Hi Ross, and thanks for the quick response! I will try setting up a flight asap and will report back on vPilot behaviour. Since you're here, may I also ask if VatSpy is working? I keep getting the following error: Error Loading Config. The following error occurred while attempting to load configuration object: There is an error in XML docomeent (0,0) I'm finding it really odd that out of the blue I am having issues with both pieces of software which had been functioning flawlessly for as long as I can remember.
  8. G'day, I posted this on the AVSIM website as well but have had no responses so far. Hoping for some help from the more appropriate forum! Please bear in mind that this is with FSX (SP1 + SP2). For about a month now I have been having terrible issues with vPilot (which used to be working fine). Basically, what happens are: 1. Constant disconnects from the Vatsim servers no matter which server I choose. The error message is: "Network error. The server has failed to respond to the authentication challenge. Disconnected from the network." (I have double checked my Vatsim status and my
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