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  1. We have received enquiries on possible extension of application. In view of selecting the best candidate, we will extend till 4 June 2359 hours. Thank you and look forward to receiving your application.
  2. Dear friends, It is with regret that we announce that Alfred will be leaving Hong Kong VACC. We are grateful for his contributions over the last 6 years and look forward to continue the good work. We are beginning recruitment for a new VACC director. Recruitment will close in a month on 25 May 2021. Interested applicants may email me: [email protected] with your CV and 2 referee letters. The referees need not be from VATSIM, but must be available for discussions regarding the candidate. Thank you. Responsibilities Director of Hong Kong VACC (ACCHKG1): Reviews, monitor
  3. The flight level allocation scheme from VHHH to ZGGG is 4200 or 4500 meters. https://www.ais.gov.hk/eaip_20201203/2020-12-03-000000/html/index-en-US.html see ENR1.9
  4. Dear all, We are happy to welcome back Vu Viet Phuong as Vietnam Cambodia Laos VACC Director. Vu Viet Phuong brings with him a decade of experience on VATSIM. He was also formally a director of Vietnam VACC, with experience controlling in ASEA Flight Service Station. Please join me in welcoming him. Thanks Eugene VATSEA1
  5. Dear all, Please join me in welcoming Isaac as Deputy Director (VATSEA2) for VATSEA. Prior to this appointment, Isaac was director of South East Asia Flight Service Station, where he built cross-border partnerships across 10 VACCs in VATSEA. He is a Controller and mentor in Singapore and Indonesia VACC. Do join me in welcoming him to the VATSEA family. Best regards, Eugene Lee Division Director VATSIM South East Asia
  6. Peter, You are a man with a clear mind and adaptable spirit. It's been a pleasure knowing you and working with you. Thanks for your support! Wish we had met in Malaga, see you in London if you are there. Cheers Eugene
  7. After months of searching, Duy An has stepped up as ACCVCL Director. Please join me in welcoming Duy An to the new role. Duy An brings with him experience as an Events Director in ACCVCL. He also lives in Vietnam and will help us engage the local community. Please give your cooperation to Duy An and give him all the support he needs to make ACCVCL a success. Eugene
  8. Dear all, The Singapore Airshow will be held from 16-21 February. At Singapore, we will like to propose a dinner gathering for all who happen to be here to attend the airshow or otherwise. So far, we have around 5-6 friends who are joining us. Please write to me [email protected] if you are interested. Best regards, Eugene Lee Division Director VATSIM South East Asia
  9. Dear all, I am very sad to announce that Anthony has decided to step down from his position as Pilot Training Director. We thank Anthony for setting up the VATSEA Pilot Training Academy. We strongly believe in his dream of having pilot training in VATSEA and will continue making his vision into reality. We will like to recruit for the position of Pilot Training Director. The Pilot Training Director will be responsible for running the day-to-day operations of VATSEA ATO and reports to the Training Director. He will take on the position of Chief Flight Instructor 3 months after his o
  10. Dear all, Ray Dotulung has decided to step down from Indonesia VACC due to work commitments. Please join me in welcoming the new Indonesia VACC Team. Here are their roles and responsibilities. ACCIDN1 - Rahman Lie - Director In charge of administrating the vACC overall. ACCIDN2 - Romy Alfius Karamoy - Deputy Director Supports the duties of the Director. ACCIDN3 - Hoo Jiong Sheng - Training Director In charge of all training matters for pilots and ATC in Indonesia. ACCIDN4 - Matthew McEwen - Facilities Director In charge of maintaining SOPs/LOAs, sectorfiles, and
  11. Dear All, Darl Reyes, will do his C1 CPT on RPHI_CTR to earn his rating on the above mentioned date and time. Fly to Manila (RPLL) to give him a challenge and earn his rating. Wish him good luck! Thanks for your support! Scenery: http://secure.simmarket.com/pis-manila-ninoy-aquino-intl-rpll-fsx-p3dv2.phtml(payware(payware) http://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?searchid=38241842 (freeware) Best Regards, Eugene Lee Division Director VATSIM South East Asia
  12. I confirm that there has been no change in the coverage of ASEA_FSS. I told Lester to update VATspy for ASEA_FSS since not everybody could see it. Do take not that VVGL is now VVVV for Hanoi FIR. Have a good weekend. Eugene
  13. Dear all, I will proudly like to announce the beginning of VACC Vietnam-Cambodia-Laos. ACCVCL was born on the 1st July 2015 and is part of VATSEA. By combining the 3 countries into 1 VACC, we hope to better utilize the strengths of the team and grow traffic within the Indo-China region of South East Asia. ACCVCL is led by Alan Cooke, VATASIA's Membership Manager. You may contact him at [email protected] He is [Mod - Happy Thoughts]isted by Vu Viet Phuong and Ngo Dac Nhat Quang. Please join me in congratulating the team and we shall look forward for more exciting
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