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  1. In 2012 the leap day is still missing! Must use another booking source. Can you correct it for all next years at once?
  2. You are right Mark! Only Russia, Mongolia, Kyrgizstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan and China use metric flight level system. But from November 17th all of them (excepts China which already have RVSM but metric) will go to feet flight level system with RVSM.
  3. Good day! From March 11th, 2010 Kharkiv FIR (UKHV) become Dnipropetrovs'k FIR (UKDV). Enroute position now UKDV_CTR - Dnipro Radar. VATSIM Information programs: - Michail is updating this thing in vroute and it must display it correctly in few days. - VATSpy isn't ready for update this at present time. - About Dolominum I don't have any information yet. - For ServInfo user you must update some files: In servinfo.dat line: UKHV/Kharkiv/UKHH/ change for: UKDV/Dnipropetrovs'k/UKDD/ line: Ukraine/UK/97/UR//41 change for: Ukraine/UK/97/UR/Radar/41 line: UKR/Ukraine Contr
  4. Hi Michal! in Online section: 1) in list of Ukrainian FIRs is still UKHV Kharkiv FIR present (but there are must be UKDV Dnipropetrovs'k FIR) 2) UKDV_CTR is decoding (facility column) like Kharkiv Center but must be Dnipropetrovs'k Center (radiocallsign Dnipro Radar) 3) At flight information window displaying in "Currently in:" and "2-hour flight forecast:" blocks - UKHV Kharkiv FIR instead of UKDV Dnipropetrovs'k FIR in Route section: 1) if any route from this FIR in "ATC coverage" UKHV_CTR position is present, but must be only UKDV_CTR 2) in "NOTAM" Enroute NOTAMs for UKHV is pr
  5. Hi Michal! If you can pls change in vroute data base of FIRs Kharkiv FIR (UKHV) for Dnipropetrovs'k FIR (UKDV) due to AIRAC 1003 (11/03/2010). The callsign of UKDV_CTR position now is "Dnipro Radar". (UKHV_CTR (Kharkiv Radar) from now will not be in work) Please add this position to your data base too, becouse our booking system needs recognizing of it. Thanks for help! Nikita
  6. On "General Settings" page: Show 500 ft items for non VFR - ... below 1000 ft all 500 ft items are shown for all AC... - maybe 10000 ft? Highlight ASEL AC in lists - there are no explanation Thanks
  7. Yeh Andreas, we (who interested) do so. But not all vATCO of world... Maybe Gergely will find a way for automaticaly checking for updates by ES. If ES can check sectors automatic download, why not ES updates...
  8. Hi Norman! If you carefully read this NOTAM, you can see - there are no any words about patch! There are only info about about 3.1a release. Most people already downloaded ES v3.1a in beginning of January and do not recheck EuroScope official page or VATSIM forum for patch. Cited NOTAM only about ES 3.1, but for patch, I guess, there one more NOTAM needed. Thanks for undestanding!
  9. Good day people! Thanks for prompt patch! It's greate! I have two requests: 1) it will be greate to have VATSIM NOTAM about patch, because not all have knew about patch 2) please, make an approptiate changes in EuroScope Wiki Thanks for that and for all!
  10. Thanks! I read about this but forgot! Sorry for that! But I must correct you: .hl . Without space it is not working
  11. Good day! Can anyone confirm such bug: if you close holding list you cant back it to the screen anyway. I try to unload and load again, reboot ES, reboot PC, try to on/off other list but holding list disapear. Where is my mistake? How can I back holding list to screen? Thanks for help!
  12. Hello! I have all 7z archives and provider file. All needed How to be add myself to default ES sectorfile providers? How to give information to world that I have some files?
  13. Next portion: page "Voice alias": "," after VEBOS page Download Sectors: "mein", but must be mind page Connection Features: "wold" must be "would" "third party SW" - what does it mean? page Where My Settings Saved: Settings files section - Symbology - "display settings dialog" must be "symbology settings dialog" And create interwiki links pls: Section "Settings" has a lot of dialogs articles - you can link to them from a lot of different pages Thanks for correction!
  14. Good day! Have one more portion of question: 1) in ground S-mode radar are present difference between C and S-mode (as in professional air radar)? 1a) if 1) true => on ground AC squawk is in standby mode - why the difference present? 2) what must type pilot in FSInn FP to squawk in S-mode for ES? "IEFGRWQ" in Remarks? Thanks for help!
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