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  1. VATSIM promised me they would not be removing the old data feeds whilst legacy clients are using them. An absolute disgrace, and exactly why I shall never be doing any more development for VATSIM. Too many people playing at their fake job titles, not listening to sense. This is what happens with change for the sake of change. Cheers Gary Ex-AFV Lead
  2. James, As a fellow sim builder (www.simfest.co.uk) we actually started out writing a cabin interphone system for our own sim which strangely morphed into AFV (a VHF/HF radio simulation and not a cabin interfone).... High on our personal list is to rework the Audio tree within AFV to route to different audio devices. We ourselves use a MOTU8 mixer by sending it OSC commands from our interface with PSX which is in turn being fed by the real ACP's. Our plan is to feed VHF L, VHF C, VHR R, HF L, and HF R into different audio devices to the relevent mixer inputs. At the moment
  3. Mark, VATSIM without you will not be the VATSIM/SATCO that I have known for so many years. A shame to see you go, but hopefully not the end of keeping in touch at far ends of the globe. Thanks for your contributions to the network for all these years. Cheers G
  4. Mike, We do have a windows messaging system from the standalone to send things to plugins... Hit me up on discord Gary Oliver#9252 and im sure we can get this working. Cheers Gary AFV Lead
  5. Have you tried deleting the clientconfig.xml file in the AFV client directory? Cheers Gary AFV Lead
  6. Audio routing is in the pipeline for future releases...
  7. Have you tried the dropdown that allows you to change the radio type? We have a two to choose from in the settings menu. No changes since release in the standalone. Cheers G
  8. Alex, Feel free to grab me on discord Gary Oliver#9252 Should be able to work with you on fixing any issues and providing you some code snippets so you can see what its doing Cheers Gary AFV Lead
  9. I suggest 'No Input devices found' is the cause of your issue. Without an input device AFV will not start the audio subsystem.
  10. The main issue with differing volume levels is controllers being afraid to tell pilots to calibrate their mics properly. Automatic gain has been on the todo list for a while. I am sure when Mark or myself get some enthusiasm we will get that done... Still at least its better than old voice 🙂 Cheers Gary AFV Lead Dev
  11. Depends on sooooo many variables in real life what it sounds like. Sound has been increased slightly in the latest build of Standalone, xpilot and vpilot. I think its a good compromise for all radio types.
  12. One for the xPilot forum Gents.
  13. Alex, There is alot of work going on at the moment getting AFV ready to accept the original Euroscope ATIS sound files and in doing so has meant I have been restarting the ATIS server quite a few times. To be honest the FSD feed of ATIS text data is so unreliable that you may find that some of the time the ATIS server just doesn't get thte updates. This will all go away shortly when AFV becomes a uniatis style proxy anyway. Cheers Gary
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