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  1. I suggest 'No Input devices found' is the cause of your issue. Without an input device AFV will not start the audio subsystem.
  2. The main issue with differing volume levels is controllers being afraid to tell pilots to calibrate their mics properly. Automatic gain has been on the todo list for a while. I am sure when Mark or myself get some enthusiasm we will get that done... Still at least its better than old voice 🙂 Cheers Gary AFV Lead Dev
  3. Depends on sooooo many variables in real life what it sounds like. Sound has been increased slightly in the latest build of Standalone, xpilot and vpilot. I think its a good compromise for all radio types.
  4. One for the xPilot forum Gents.
  5. Alex, There is alot of work going on at the moment getting AFV ready to accept the original Euroscope ATIS sound files and in doing so has meant I have been restarting the ATIS server quite a few times. To be honest the FSD feed of ATIS text data is so unreliable that you may find that some of the time the ATIS server just doesn't get thte updates. This will all go away shortly when AFV becomes a uniatis style proxy anyway. Cheers Gary
  6. Brandon, I don't support you have the same issue as Andrew because you do not have a microphone device? Thanks Gary
  7. Ah if you don't have a microphone plugged in then the audio subsystem will not start up and you will not be able to hear anything. We may get round to allowing this in the future but not a short term fix. For now you could try installing a virtual microphone like voicemeeter or something. Hopefully someone can chime in here and help. Cheers Gary AFV Dev
  8. Have you checked microphone permissions in windows? Might be worth a google and a check?
  9. No worries Bob, Initially swift didn't support AFV but very shortly after launch the developers did an amazing job and got it all integrated. Enjoy! Gary
  10. Bob, You do not need the standalone if you’re running swift 0.9 or later as audio is integrated into swift. Cheers Gary
  11. There is not a bug with AFV that needs fixing, 2600 people were on the network not having this issue over the weekend. Are you sure you have your radios setup to receive, the right output device selected and no strange voice meter software incorrectly configured, are within range of ATC? Thanks Gary AFV Dev
  12. Very strange... We thought we might have found a reason for this and fixed it a few months ago. Evidently not... If anyone has worked out a pattern then please let us know. The AFV devs obviously want to fix this, we just dont know what causes it to reproduce. I have heard it once in about 250 hours of using AFV.
  13. Not content with messaging other members telling them to disconnect and change their callsign because they are not flying 'the correct flight' you come on here moaning too? Maybe you need to remember you are flying a desk and your callsign really doesn't matter
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