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  1. Hi Ruth, Many thanks for your prompt reply, i agree with your advice, stay in the uk for now!. I think I'll certainly wait and join in on tuesday evening with the new pilots night to start getting some experiance. Your post has also answered a few of my questions so many thanks for that. Thanks too for the link to cix flight club, i'll give them a try too. Also i've noticed on this page theres a link to a navigation section of vatsim which is very useful. Can't wait to get airbourne!. Thanks for your advice. Regards, Alan
  2. Hi Vatsim Sorry all another stupid newbie with a long stupid post asking stupid questions!, A little background.. I’m a UK member. I’ve signed up yesterday. I’ve spent the most of today reading through all the information held on vatsim and the forums (which are all excellent, I’ve learnt lots and maybe I should stop reading for today!). I’ve installed FSInn. I’ve sat at Biggin hill (UK) for a few hours (well 7!) and with the kind help of James at Thames approach earlier today we managed to get me to take off and land at Rochester (and have been sitting there listening
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