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  1. This is more of a question then an Issue. Gone are the days of supporting all VAs? Gone are the days of showing up for scheduled events? Gone are the days of more then FNO each week? I am a tad confused, I run my VA and look for events to schedule my pilots in for. The schedules are always empty during the week anymore. There is always FNO, but the problem is most of my pilots drink or have girlfriends, and Friday just doesn't cut it. Secondly, I try to schedule events with different artcc's and everything seems fine until the night of the event, and we get, well yo
  2. Great Job Guys, I hope you enjoyed having us as much as we enjoyed your controlling. It takes both sides to make a good fly in!
  3. He is going around deleting my posts because I put them in different forums trying to drum up business you know how it is.
  4. Court threats? The only way to handle those is tell them to join the line. Seems to work for me now.
  5. I don't do "independent controller training" and I never said I did. I do westport pilot training, and that in turn gives Controllers new realistic scenarios to think about. If in your mind that consists of training controllers, thank you very much! I do give feed back and everything is always handled well by the TAs. I was giving incidents where there have been controller mess ups too. Did you see me post the private message all over the forum? Thats why I am upset Dan, it wasn't very cool. Nine times out of ten in this situation, you explain your situation to the controller and they
  6. Hey mike, I respect your ideas a lot you are training me to be a controller. I was in the boat of saying both were wrong here, but it has been brought to my attention that this baboon (controller) went around and posted this on several different forums. That is lower then Whale _ _ _ _ <- FOUR LETTER WORD. If you have a problem, be a man and talk to the guy. This in my mind, was a planned attack on VFR aircraft, by this one controller, who I believe should have a re-evaluation. If you are an I1 and you can't conduct yourself in a professional manner, you need to get the boot.
  7. What about going VFR from ACK to TEB in real life, you skirt a D (KHPN White Plains) and go direct to the alpine at 1100' , 100 below the Bravo, because you can't go any further below, and to be honest in real life thats what they WANT! I am not arguing just putting a realistic situation where you fly 100 below the bravo. I do it in Boston in real life too going to BED. In jets and turbo props too, its all about saving money now!!
  8. I would like to say something here. I'm sure everyone expected this to come. Most of the people in this post know me, my background, and my Virtual Airline. We do events that exercise this very thing (This case actually wasn't us). We do this at our VA for one reason, to teach! To teach my pilots what they can do, and what they can not do, but also to help controllers to see what Pilots can and can't do, and understand their airspace a little better. To be honest I think flying the fringe of the bravo or "TEASING" the airspace is a good tool and something that controllers do not s
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