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  1. Hi Eivind, a general workaround would be the use of different ASRs and switching them either with F7 (Shift+F7 to go backwards) or with a click on the ASR name in the menu bar and choosing one in the menu (more than one ASR have to be opened). I use different ASRs for GND (GEO with taxiway names, gates and stands), TWR (the controlzone with PMPs and GEO but without taxiway names, gates and stands --> no clutter), APP (the APP sector with all necessary fixes, VORs and NDBs, maybe SIDs and/or STARs but without GEO and text on the ground) and CTR (the whole CTR sector with all necessary f
  2. Hi Rich, Also this happens over here from time to time. We think it's caused by the URL of the VATSIM-data-server which - in 3.0a - is not determined automatically. The current Beta just loads an active server list and uses a server listed in it. I have never seen this problem again with the beta. Well, I'm not the developer, but I hope you'll accept my answer, too After the pilot read back the clearance correctly, you can check the small box to say "this plane is cleared." Because the DEP-list is synced(*) between all stations which are controlling the active airport (from DEL up
  3. Hi! In UniATIS you can set a specific ATIS for each airport. I think you should contact an UniATIS admin and request the ATIS format you need/want. Regards, Jannis
  4. Hi! No, unfortunately there isn't. I think it's requested but not implemented yet. Jannis
  5. Or maybe it's the graphics card's hardware acceleration, I know that this causes some problems with VRC. Try to set it a bit lower.
  6. Which, by the way, has to be defined in the ESE for each SECTORLINE. See: http://euroscope.hu/wiki/index.php?page=ESE_Files_Description "The Sectorline Subsection" Jannis
  7. The Scratchpad will never contain any navigation point. Putting the name of a fix or NDB/VOR into the scratchpad will issue a direct to this fix. The scratchpad remains empty but the direct is set as next COPX. Jannis
  8. Hi Mark, it's at "Other SET" --> "Save Chat to clipboard" or "Save Chat to file..." Jannis
  9. Well, I have to say that this is the syntax which I adopted from Stephan Boerner. He said that with no middle letter in fields 6 or 7 other callsigns starting with field 6 and ending with field 7 are accepted as the station. So for example EDDK_T_TWR (T for Training) can "be" EDDK_TWR if the correct frequency is set. This is the vis-center for the station, when logging in, you are automatically centered above "your" airport etc. Sorry, I don't understand this... Do you mean, that non-manned positions are indicated in ES? Regards, Jannis
  10. Hi Hans! I did it this way: EDGG_S_CTR:Langen Radar:127.500:GGCS:G:EDGG:CTR:EDGG:S_CTR:2160:2177:N050.01.35.120:E008.32.35.250 As you can see, the middle letter is not in field 6 or 7. 8 and 9 are unused, yes, so ES ignores the content. Regards, Jannis
  11. Hi! I had exactly this issue with my former Acer Travelmate 5520 Notebook and its VGA-out --> EuroScope on my 22" TFT-display flickered (disturbing, but I managed to fade it out inside my brain ). But since I have a digital graphics output (called Mini DisplayPort on my new MacBook Pro ) it's fine. So I think this is a kind of strange issue - which finally should not be caused by EuroScope... Maybe there are some disturbing differences in the power supplys of your computer and the display, but I don't know enough about that to make a diagnosis here. Regards, Jannis
  12. Hi Lukas, the GND position will hear it when the TWR uses Euroscope and makes the ATIS Regards, Jannis
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