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  1. I also had this problem follow this page: https://help.kaspersky.com/KTS/2019/en-US/94351.htm and make sure vPilot is allowed with audio stream recording
  2. Hello, I have been using the Hoppie ACARS for quite some time. but I could not find anywhere the option the ask for oceanic clearance. Is there any way to do it?? Thanks!
  3. It did had a long remarks, flight from JFK-TLV, but i never had problem with it, any way i will try next time if i have this problem Thanks!
  4. update: tried different flight at 0600 UTC and now it was ok
  5. Hello, tried to do a flight today (17MAR20 at 0010 UTC) and I was unable to file a flight plan, tried via VPilot the ATC did not see it, tried via VATSIM website, from my computer and on my iPhone on 4G connection and got Cloudflare error... it there any problem on VATSIM side??
  6. i used to have the problem, just wait go for a few mintues, watch TV or somting. it will do it after few mintues
  7. if there will be anther update sometime can please also add Megido Airfield in israel to the ServInfo because when a ATC is connected there it says in SI this is not in israel controller and if you need: N032 35 54 E 035 14 06 and a liltle pic: Thanks, bar
  8. is there any idea when the update will come out?
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