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  1. Hello. I looked for it by Google. There is the update file made by Japanese simmer.(For Overland) http://7878.hatiju-hatiya.com/afcad_files.html Also You need other file named ”fs9_jetways_ss_1_v2.zip”.Available from AVSIM or Flightsim.com. I am not FS2004 user. but screenshot is good. Just for your information. Enjoy! Keisuke Yamane
  2. どういたしまして! Vu san Please request ILS22 without any hesitation when you want Enjoy Keisuke Yamane
  3. Vu san, There is a payware of RJTT for FSX made by Japanese maker. But they sale in Japan only. also Japanese language only. http://www.technobrain.com/fsaddon/index.html Wing-creation is expecting releasing their RJTT,FSX in 2016. http://www.wingcreation.com/modules/forum/index.php?page=update_postorder&ret_name=topic_id&ret_val=19&postorder=0 Just information for you Enjoy! Keisuke Yamane /811527
  4. Hi Vu san, Japanese Sceneries List http://www.vatjpn.org/ja2/modules/prc/index.php?content_id=77 RJTT/ RWY23:ILS&LDA. RWY22:ILS&LDA. http://www.vatjpn.org/ja2/modules/d3downloads/index.php?page=singlefile&cid=4&lid=20 There is already no [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance/support for them. Your own risk if you use. Enjoy! Keisuke YAMANE /811527
  5. Dear All, As of December 31,2013 I retired from VATJPN1 and forward to my new phase in life and pursuit my many interest that retirement allows. I would like to take this time to thank you for all of encouragement, support and [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance I received from you during my watch at VATJPN. Especially, Deepan san, Former RD. I appreciate the opportunity of having worked with you and wish you much success in the future. Akihiro Fujii is replaced to my past position. I ask you to continue to support him as you did for me in the past. Thank you very much. Sincerel
  6. Dear Friends in Philippines. We pray for the safety of our friends and their relatives family. we also pray for the safety of Filipinos who were devastated by the unfovorable weather conditions. Stay safe everyone. Keisuke Yamane Japan Division Director
  7. VATJPN OPEN SKY (Trial) VATJPN have come to a discussion from Dec.2012 for the commencing project -open sky. VATJPN staffs have decided the VATJPN OPEN SKY “TRIAL” is put in effect from 1 June to 31 Augast 2013. The application would be accepted from 20.May 2013. [1. Objective] There will be NO extra training for controllers that are not from VATJPN division, only a verification test will be made for the OPEN SKY project. After the project is expired, VATJPN staff will determined whether to extend or revoke the project. Note: for all personal information collected from VATJP
  8. Really enjoyed flight from bottom of heart from senior to young
  9. Thanks! Probably, GER and JPN are the most eager in PR and are the kindest for beginners !
  10. VATJPN held Flight-Simulator party yesterday ! All the members were rollick like boyhood
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