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  1. the voice works fine with the ethernet connected, and with my old PC, I had a wireless card that worked perfectly fine with the voice, but that card isn't compatible with vista.
  2. I'm looking at wireless cards because running a 50 foot ethernet cord across the house isn't working out so much. I need one that can handle ActiveSky, VATSIM, and internet browsing. My dad gave me one that works until I get connected to a voice server for on VATSIM. It also needs to work on Vista 64bit. I know that most companies don't support 64 bit yet. Any ideas??
  3. fs9 from my expirence cannot run with visual effects. you can turn them by right clicking on fs9.exe and under the compatability tab, select disable visual themes. it should work then. oh, and yes ur computer can run fs9 flawlessly, i have the same specs except double the ram.
  4. ati radeon 3450 256mb 6gb ram amd phenom quad-core 2.2ghz 640gb hd.
  5. i got my computer for $900 (including a Monitor and Printer) and its all really good... except for the video card. I'm getting about 30fps in fs9 and 15 or so in fsx. I can get those WAY up by spending another $110 on a new video card on newegg. Vista rates my video card 4.0 and everything else 5.9. bty: off topic but 200TH POST!!! YA
  6. Hey Abdul, i just got my first job to. I'm getting myself a whole new computer.
  7. Is there a way to open every program that is [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociated with flight sim all at once when flight sim starts. It was yesterday that I took off at SFO and then realized that AS6 wasn't open. So if there is a way to make that and other programs open all at the same time as flight sim, that would be great.
  8. Yeah, for some reason, I can only connect to server everyonce in a while, I'll use the forums instead. Ok what happens is when I open a new page withen vRoute, I get about 10 or so script errors. I push yes on every error box, and it works fine. It just stupid that it doesn't work the right way and loading all the time.
  9. Michal, I sent you an e-mail. Tell me if you get it becuase my e-mail address isn't working quite right these days.
  10. I get script errors all the time with vRoute. What do I do to fix it?
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