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  1. Don't pay too much attention to grumpy controllers, just keep telling yourself that you aren't like them. Don't be too scared about making mistakes either. I've asked for clearance without posting my flightplan numerous times, i've taken a wrong directions during transition a few times and the list goes on. We all start out as noobs, the mistakes you make will help you to become more expierienced. And don't forget, whenever in doubt: ask.
  2. Hey, Lately, I've found myself being attracted to flying VFR in Washtington State. Problem is, I havent been able to find any good and free VFR charts of Washtington state. I've used airnav/skyVector but there problem there is that it's digital and that it costs money to but the Charts where as I can get free VFR charts of really any place in Europe. Does anyone know a good website where I can get my hands on a few VFR charts of the Seattle area? Thanks a lot!
  3. The thing was, I had actually taken 2 or 3 flights with it before going online, but I was so nervous I totally forgot almost everything
  4. My first flight? I don't really want to think about it too much It was a flight from Salzburg to Frankfurt with my (then) new Fokker 70 I had bought from the shop only a week earlier. I had copied the entire flight plan from the tutorial that came with the Fokker into my FMC and filled a flight plan. I took off and everything was going (relatively) well. So after half an hour I got a pop-up message of FRA_APP asking me if I could contact him. I was getting nervous, after that I got another message from FRA_APP asking me (again) if I could contact him. I was getting really nevervous at this p
  5. Haha, I can see myself on that picture. On topic: amazing job to both the controllers and the organisers, it was a real pleasure flying tonight!
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