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  1. I'll inform our web-master, seems like the download section is down at the moment.
  2. Hello all, The "VATSIM official" update 2010 for ServInfo is now ready and can be downloaded here: http://www.vatsim-scandinavia.org/downloads/ServInfo_2010_VATSIM_update.rar Please make a backup of your ServInfo.dat & fir.dat files before you do anything. Then, simply unrar the download in your ServInfo installation folder and click yes on questions regarding overwriting existing files. These countries/sectors have been updated this time: * Africa * Alaska * Bangladesh * Belgium * Brazil * Bulgaria * Canada * Carribian * China * Czech Republic * Da
  3. The 2010 update will be uploaded tomorrow, these countries is updated this time: * Africa * Alaska * Bangladesh * Belgium * Brazil * Bulgaria * Canada * Carribian * China * Czech Republic * Dakar * Emirates * EuroControl * France * Greenland * Germany * Iceland * Ireland * Italy * Latvia * Lithuania * Luxembourg * Norway * Netherlands * Oceania * Portugal * Russia * Sweden * Thailand * United Kingdom * USA and 170 airlines
  4. Hi guys, The project is a month delayed due to other commitments that has made my available time for VATSIM duties almost zero the last weeks. Things are looking much better now I have now started the updating of ServInfo again and expect it to be released next week. These VACC's have sent in updates (per 21st of November): - Africa Control (AFRN/C/S + GULF) - Belux (Belgium and Luxembourg) - Dakar Oceanic - Emirates (OMDW) - EuroControl (N/M/W/E/S/I) - France (LFNG + LFMS) - Iceland - Ireland - Norway - Portugal - Sweden - Thailand - UK (EGHQ) - Oceania - Italy - Germ
  5. The absolutely last chance to be included in this update is Sunday 24th of October as I hope to get this ready just in time for CTP I hope to make an new update in the beginning of 2011. You guys that don't make it this time should have plenty of time to make the next one.
  6. Hello all, 1st of October is here and these VACC/ARTCC/FIR's have dropped me an email with changes: - Belgium / Luxembourg - Iceland / Greenland - Ireland - Norway - Thailand - Sweden (only changes on ESMM) - Netherlands - Portugal - UK (EGHQ only) - Eurocenter VACC - Oceania (Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, New Zealand and Australia) - France - Germany - Italy - Latvia - Alaska (not received yet) And several virtual airlines. None updates received from USA, Canada, South America, Africa, Asia (only received from Thailand) and UK etch etch... Please send i
  7. I need it only if there are any new logo's or if some VA's are not listed and if callsigns has changed.
  8. These ARTCC/VACC's have sent in updates per 8th of September: - Belgium / Luxembourg - Iceland / Greenland - Ireland - Norway - Thailand - Sweden - Netherlands - Portugal - UK (EGHQ only) - Eurocenter VACC This list will be updated when I receive new updates.
  9. I have received updates from several VACC's today so the email works...
  10. Hi guys, In the next few months there will be a project on a global update of the ServInfo data files for VATSIM. Last time was in 2007 and since then many ARTCC/FIR/VACC has changed boundaries and callsign’s on one or several positions. Some new airports, airline logos and CTR/FSS positions are also missing. What I need from all of you that have made an update on ServInfo files in your ARTCC/VACC since 2007 is to send a text file to me with the changes on this email address: servinfo2010(at)gmail.com no later then 1st of October 2010. I need to know what data to remove a
  11. Alex, I suggested for vateud for a while ago to make a European ServInfo update (since vatsim wasent going to), and I could make it for them. I got zero feedback. I have good experience from editing the servinfo files and if you want, I can help you with a global vatsim update. Andrew, In the Norwegian update folder there is a file named "manually input of data" which describes how you can include the norwegian part to servinfo without overwriting updates you already have.
  12. A major update for Norway FIR can be found HERE Includes new FIR boundaries and two new ACC sectors: - ENOR_CTR "Norway Control" which cover the entire Norway FIR, including Oslo ENOS, Stavanger ENSV and Bodo ENBD AOR's. - ENMC_CTR "Viper Control" tactical control for military operations in Norway FIR.
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