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  1. Yes, I understand you. The issue for me is, that 80% of the topics in "General screenshot forum" are posted by the same individual and have provided next to no new input during the last 7 years. Other topics get lost between all of that.
  2. It's just that a lot of posts with similar or near same contents are cluttering my overall view of the forum and therefore it is really difficult to find new and meaningful content.
  3. Is it somehow possible to ignore or not see a certain persons screenshots in this subforum?
  4. Hmm, 11 hours in a small prop. Ferry tanks maybe? Ooh, can't probably make it from Dubai to Nepal in 11 in a prop. Yeah. E: This topic is probably sooooo outdated.
  5. You can fly military in CFS or Falcon 4.0 or something, don't need to make those jokes in the VATSIM network, where it is mostly civil flight, not some military jockeys goeing mach 2 over the DC area.
  6. Actually, the flight has been done quite a bit ago. Just for information, you can fly the Concorde everywhere, just keep in mind the speed regulations of your airspace.
  7. Hello, Me and my friend Johannes are flying from Frankfurt to Dubai this morning, prepping at 0500z and estimated departure of 0630z. If you want to join, be up at that time and contact me via PM. Equipment - B763. It's roughly between 6 to 7 hours of flight, depending on the winds.
  8. 5870 and add 2gb of memory, then it's a winner
  9. I suppose you don't understand the essence of the 4870x2. It runs as a single but it is instead a crossfired 4870 giving all its power through one PCI-E slot and thus making great FPS rates possible
  10. Erhan, the 580 is also a lot more expensive, as you can find an x2 for around 100$ - 200$, used of course. New ones cost the same as they did when I bought mine. Somewhere around 600$.
  11. If your PSU can handle the two cores of the x2, then yes, it will run FSX with a fair amount of addons and sliders way to the right. Your HDD is fast, which is good for loading the textures, mine is slow as hell and sometimes pulls the FPS down. I'm running a slightly weaker system, which lacks the power to support the x2's second core, so I'm running it single. It runs on one core on the 750w, if I hook up another supply to the gfx card, it will run dualcored and FSX is staying in the limiters. C2Q Q9450 2.66GHz @ 3.4 GHz A-Data Extreme 1066+ @ 1066 2x2gb Standard P5Q mobo Sapphire
  12. Just asking, wouldn't it be a lot cheaper to buy a PC of a similar configuration but for half the price? Change that 5750 to a 5850 and you'll have a winner in FSX, otherwise, a bit weak.
  13. The 5450 might be a bit weak for the setup, I'd go for a 5770.
  14. It might take a little bit of fiddling with the settings and the default aircraft don't look good anyways. I am running a 4870x2 with a [email protected] 3.2ghz and 4gigs of ram and everywhere else except Innsbruck(Aerosoft) I have 27 fps in the limiter and you can check out the graphics from my "Meet the Embraer" screenshot thread(pics are unedited).
  15. The most probability of an error would be yes, as told, the UIAutomationCore.dll problem and also you might encounter some bugs with Wilco/FeelThere aircraft, but those are quite minor.
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