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  1. I've wondered about that. Not just here ... not just ATC ... not just VATSIM. Doing radio in army infantry, or (licensed ham since 1968, age 14) emergency comms or contesting ... Isn't the point getting information across with //zaroo// confusion? no ambiguity? no errors? Isn't "speed" just the payoff of being efficitent? I cut my hippie hair in 1970. I lost all support for mindless benevolence and definitely slid over onto the red-neck side of the spectrum. But a big part of that was explicit condemnation of ":I'm a great man and you must keep up with me unless you want to be seen as i
  2. Someone did a very nice job of transforming Chapter 11 inth a graphic style, a PDF presented as though coil-bound: http://bentrem.net/75thr/FSEconomy/ICAODocs/CAP413-Supplement-PhraseologyGuide-ATPL.pdf For completeness: http://bentrem.net/75thr/FSEconomy/ICAODocs/CAP413-v22.pdf p.s. IIRC the confound at Tenerife ("Ready for takeoff" VS "Cleared for takeoff") was amplified by a burst of static (3 seconds is a long time in real life) that evidently obliterated a key word from ATC. Point being, in my mind, no takeoff w/o having received explicit CLEARED. Brevity is the soul of clarity!
  3. Writing technical docs for such as airport landing systems, I try to always be painfully aware of that I call a "trip" ... something that seems perfectly clear but has a snag hidden away somewhere. I wanted to ask a specific question about clarification (see below) but found myself tripped up by the Orlando taxi diagram. "Runway 36R taxi via H4, G, E, B, B10" ... rgr wilco. What tripped me? the direction seemed to clearly instruct "H4 and then G" ... which would have my head spinning since after H4 one is already on G! ("H4 onto G"?) No doubt just a n00b mistake but had me blinking
  4. Congrats! And thanks. I had a flash-back memory of my very earliest days. Though having many hours on FS IX, none at all with VATSIM. So, passed many pleasant hours sitting parked by a hanger at LAX just listening to the traffic. (I was a "communicator" in army infantry so heh am inclined to "listen in"!) ^5
  5. Because I had this working and the setup is dead simple.Just have 1 bit set wrong somewhere. Driving me nuts.
  6. I know my setup can support this, because I had it working last fall. I recall when I got it working because it was one of those "OMG it was right under my nose the whole time" moments. Started up the game box this morning, got FSX setup, and found the network connection wasn't working. Walked through settings, got it working, grabbed the planes I had downloaded to the laptop last night, installed those planes, all good so far, but no joy on net connection. For some reason net sharing says it can't get new IP for the XP box. Here's the setup: my laptop is connected 24/7. That's n
  7. Wally I'm not going to write a whole bunch, but only echo what Wycliffe wrote and suggest you just keep taking it step by step. Pretty hard to swallow it all at once, and no need to! have fun
  8. Just as a chip in ... not sure where I got this, but thanks to them too ... this is my copy: http://bentrem.sycks.net/DayNight.kml 1) it defaults to Off, so you won't see anything right away. but it's there in MyPlaces. 2) I picked the location more/less at random. you could edit that. p.s. if I shouldn't post this here let me know; I'll move it.
  9. It's just that—another layer. One layer at a time, and you'll do fine.Yepp. Is what I'm counting on. But, from what I've read, it seems that's the problem: that well-formed FPs haven't served that base purpose. Just exactly what I'm doing right now. Just not online w/ATC. Absolutely.FWIW from what I've learned the past week (flying VFR through the Rockies with broken clouds in a plane that doesn't have AP ... great fun!) is that landings (apart from "flying" and "take offs") are fully half the fun!
  10. Thanks Wayne. Yaa, that. In the past 5 days I've done 28 flights with FSEconomy (about half into/out of small fields with not so small planes; total 2.7K NM). I wouldn't have minded doing "the right thing" with ATC. In fact I would have really liked to. Juggling so many different airframes (probably 8, and always different panel layouts ... makes a person nutz!) and so many different fields (almost 20) But second guessing myself on yet.one.more thing? CYVR, CYEG, over-flying CYYC, then KCFA and smaller. When to call who ... it's not clear to me. That's no diss ... I appreciate wha
  11. Lemme flip things around here, last point first: heh ... smart-guy. ;-pOk, of 6GB, only 3 is in use ... XP. But anyhow, more important: setting stuff up for rendering is a complex chain ... so you and I could be seeing similar things as effects of the chain breaking at different spots. /That/, I think, is a.big.deal ... lots stuff written about using that to optimse. I have read a lot about /that/, too. But I don't think it applies to my system.It seems real important. But that's not really a fix ... it's a work-around, at best. Last thing I want to have to do on final, with a
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