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  1. Dear Colleagues, I would like to inform you about the changes in vACC Hungary being effective from January 01, 2008. After numberless years of p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ionate activity, I am to resign from my Director position. Less free time, not being keen on leading the group and last, but not least, the appearance of the upcoming generation, full of youthful enthusiasm lead to my final decision of moving in the background. I will support the team with my knowledge and help, work on the VACCHUN website, still carry out my Supervisor duties, etc. but I will let these smart guys do s
  2. Hello Fufu, The planes have to be taxied onto the threshold of the runway. They need to be in the "threshold area". And there is one more important thing, I do not know... but there is a plane in one of our scenarios and it is always that particular plane that does not want to take off, there must be a typo or something like that in the definition of that given plane. I would recommend checking the runway definition. Peter
  3. Hello Xavier, If I understand it right, you mean the automatic text for TEXT pilots. E.g: if you set an altitude let's say FL240 on the tag for a plane communicating via text, then it woud insert the proper: " Climb/Descend FL240 " in the chat bar. The same for handoffs, headings, etc. Regards, Peter
  4. Hi Opher, Do you mean old stuff like this? There is no such feature, ES models a different system and I doubt that modern HMI-s like the one ES models have such option. Peter
  5. Hi Opher, Remember, data you want to have on the radar has to be in your .SCT file. AIRAC data related only to flight plan check and flight path drawing!!! You need to edit your SCT file for such changes you mentioned, just like in ASRC, VRC, etc. Regards, Peter
  6. Gergely, Please tell us the trick... I always keep forgetting that... I hope you know what I mean, the "grey tick method". Peter Ps: I will add it to the FAQ, too!
  7. Hi Lluis, Yeah, the idea is not bad. Also another smart thing that one of my friends keeps repeating to me is having the option to decide on which side of the FIX symbol should the FIX name appear. Now only having it on the right side is possible, while is real life systems (for example MATIAS as well) have that option. But again, our SCT file has a limitation and we should not edit it for this reason, but in the ASR file we could have it easily. I will upload a bad quality photo about it. Gergely, how about this? Transition fixes on the final for our parallel runways are a good example fo
  8. Hello Lluis, Negative. What we have done to make SIDs/STARs look good on the screen (not the ESE part, because it is not really a factor there) was to flying the procedure in FS. I don't know how the coordinated have been saved, but I think simply logging the action in ES must have been the way they did it. Peter
  9. Hello, Oh, then I misunderstood it. Loading in these two txt files are not related to this problem. These two txt files only work as a database for decoding airport and airline codes. What you need Opher is a correct sector file. Oh... I have an idea... I think you forgot to edit the sector file... check this: http://www.euroscope.hu/wiki/index.php?page=Quick_Start HOW TO USE EXISTING SECTOR AND POSITION FILES section!!! You might be missing the airport names at the end of each line. Tell me please if you could get over the problem. Peter Ps: Just saw this thread: http://forums
  10. Hello Tim, There is a sector ownership setup and there, one-by-one you can select MANUALLY the changes to the original sector config, it would be possible to do what you were asking. Peter
  11. Hello guys, Just a hint for the ones, who decided to build the ESE file. I don't remember if it has been written in the docomeentation or not, but you can get the coordinates from the radar itself by selecting it with the mouse. [F1] + d or .distance and click on the screen. The coordinates will be in the scratchpad and you will be able to copy&paste it to the file. But usually most of the coordinates you need are in the .SCT file. Peter Ps: Sami, let's see what Gergely has to add to your request. A simple guide is not a bad idea.
  12. Hello Opher, You may simply open them manually, then with a "save all settings" it will remember their place. in the menubar: OPEN SCT -> Load ICAO Airlines data and OPEN SCT -> Load ICAO Airspace data and show ES the place where your ICAO_Airlines.txt and ICAO_Airports.txt files are. Peter
  13. Hello Roman, to the airport name you should put the airport ICAO (4-letter code) code, for example: EDDF and that should work, and make sure you are using the right sectorfile (from that error message it seems that the airport you are going to make the ATIS for has to be in your SCT file) Best regards, Peter
  14. Lluis, As I remember you also have to call a "Save all settings" from the Other SET menu. Best regards, Peter
  15. Hello Dominik, I have used CoolEdit2000 and that saved the .wav with these properties without making any difference in the length/quality/etc. As I remember audacity did not work properly for me either... Peter
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