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  1. I do have a copy of the VatsimPHP scripts, however they are already set up for an airport. I can compile them and upload them somewhere if that would please everyone. (Just note that I have to find it first, however, I do know it is on my hard drive.)
  2. As far as I know, transfers can take up to a week. This is what was (perhaps still is) said on the VATSIM website when I signed up as a controller.
  3. I would say that you your best bet would be to fly beneath the Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] C (using the VFR Terminal Area Chart as reference) and call the Tower with your intentions. That way, any delays would probably just be in the circuit, and not the terminal controller trying to make sure you're not going to hit any of his traffic.
  4. We could have a forum built into the website, but we have already changed forums in the last half year and we would not be able to convert all the data over, so all our posts would be lost, something we're thinking of, but not not going to do at this moment in time.
  5. VATCAN web server issues, thanks for your patience while they fix it. EDIT: It does appear to be back up to speed. (And now not so much) EDIT2: Turns out it was a Denial of Service attack to our website, which also slowed down all the other websites on the server. Thanks for your patience.
  6. http://www.czyz.ca/ Feel free to register.
  7. I thought that it WAS, until I saw the Windows Vista taskbar! Looks great, Jake, really looking forward to it! When I was in a tower here in Canada, I saw that here they run the radar as an application on a copy of Windows XP.
  8. Is it just me or is the website inoperative? The CZYZ website appears to down as well, which is hosted on the same server.
  9. I would give that a +100000000. I have some older people who have flown into my airspace who have the maturity of monkeys. EDIT: And @Frode: The problem is that you can't confirm somebody's age on the network. All you can do is go by what numbers they put as their birthdate when registering. What can we make people do? Photocopy their birth certificates? I know somebody who was born in a third world country who doesn't even know his birthday, just his 'general age.'
  10. It doesn't matter the age limit, people can still say they are whatever age you set it to you, as they do now. There is no way to prove that they aren't.
  11. Hey guys, this is my first time making anything for the ES sim, so it's bugging me a little, and I can't find it in the docomeentation. How do you get a/c to start off on a certain heading (runway heading, in this case)? As they all start off hdg 090 unless I have a fix for them to go direct to. Thanks!
  12. I'm willing to come into/out of an airport if somebody wants to test it out, date/time?
  13. I will certainly consider bringing this into the CZYZ FIR for use as PDC, and will continue using it as PDC and CPDLC for oceanic. Spread the word, that's the only way this can get better. Hi Jody, Just one suggestion. I suggest you put something along the lines of "CPDLC available login CYQX" just so the pilot knows what your login is, rather than going to look on the hoppie.nl website. Haha yeah, just changed it, that makes sense.
  14. Now my Gander Oceanic ATIS is: I will certainly consider bringing this into the CZYZ FIR for use as PDC, and will continue using it as PDC and CPDLC for oceanic. Spread the word, that's the only way this can get better.
  15. Any idea how I can change how VRC gets it's oceanic tracks? Mine always download an old TMI, current is 237, and it downloads 077!
  16. Great stuff. My ATIS now contains 'PDC available via. CPDLC' and my Oceanic ATIS will now contain 'CPDLC available.' Great stuff, hopefully I will meet a few pilots who have CPDLC, and a few more who ask 'what is that?' EDIT: A question, does my callsign need to say CZYZ_CTR or CZYZ if I'm on CZYZ_CTR and what about CZQX_N_FSS? (As I'm not sure how the pilot software works.) Thanks.
  17. 99.9% of pilots, both VATSIM and RW, are not nearly as proficient as they think they are. This includes myself...I still have an "Oh ****" moment whenever I have a failure or something otherwise unexpected happens despite several thousand hours of sim time and a fair bit of RW time. Oh yes, those moments are the best. Like figuring out that you set a shortcut key on the PMDG MD-11 to the same shortcut that is used to auto shutdown your engines, and you press it just a couple hundred of feet above the ground... during an event. It will take much time to learn your aircraft. I agree that
  18. Skype keeps the mic open unless you mute it. I've never had trouble using any sort of VATSIM voice and Skype at the same time (used to share cockpits using Skype and FSINN).
  19. If it isn't Romano to come and brighten up my day.
  20. Noooo, obviously not. It's not like it's freaking amazing in every aspect. If anybody criticizes this system they are out of their mind, and I will give them my system specs. (Meaning don't say it's bad!)
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