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  1. A good while back, there was a chap flying local VFR but the weather was marginal. After departing the field to the South the pilot reported that he was lost and requested vectors back to the field. After explaining that I was on TWR and couldnt facilitate this he PM'd me asking politely as to why. After explaining the reason why I couldnt, I said if he could transmit for a simulated DF, with a count from 1 to 5 and back again, I could give him a track to steer back to the field. He said ok then lets give that a shot. - I wish I hadnt but it did make me laugh quite a bit for weeks a
  2. Matthew, Welcome to Vatsim. For your information, Vatsim UK now have a pilot training system up and running for the P1 basic level (Vatsim Pilot Rating 1). This will Im sure be of interest to you. Have a look-in here when you have some free time, and Happy Flying http://www.vatsim-uk.co.uk/website/pilot-training/ Best Regards David
  3. Sean, If you have reached your descent point and ATC havent started you down, simply request descent.
  4. In years gone by, from the final cruise level, we asked for "initial descent" then when already in the descent either approaching the cleared level or level at the cleared level used to "request further descent". What I have found on Vatsim virtually speaking, is that if you are one like me who uses a variety of aircraft that have different performance capabilities, the vast majority of controllers appreciate and allow for this, and the older prop type airliner will be given an early descent. Should that not materialise, pilots shouldnt be afraid to ask
  5. Thanks for posting up the figures Steve (and the team involved in providing the stats). A great effort by all across the globe in keeping Vatsim the best online Virtual ATC/Pilot environment. Many would be at a loss without the dedication shown by all from the newest pilot/ATC member through to the chaps providing the network for us all to enjoy. Here's to 2012 ! Regards
  6. Revised file for Liverpool/Hawarden APP in VRC for my approach training.
  7. I havent Anthony, I was being a realist based on information p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed over in the quotation
  8. No problem at all, but that sounds a tad ominous to me In the event of that becoming reality, theres nothing that anyone can do to book/accept future sessions re training, so Ill start the ball rolling. EGGP_APP Sat 17th Dec 2011 1830z-2100z Mentoring request. Thanks
  9. Callum, Link not working for me: Ted, welcome to UK and VFR ! NATS:CAS below FL195 http://www.nats-uk.ead-it.com/public/index.php%3Foption=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=4&Itemid=11.html ENR 6.1 - Chart of United Kingdom ATS Airspace Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ifications - SFC-FL195 (Edit: Cheers Scott ) For top-down CTR coverage: NB: You are always in someones AOR (Area of Responsibility) on Vatsim in the UK as per diagram and "top-down" control, as has been said, workload is the determining factor as to whether you get a service or not when VFR outside CAS.
  10. ...............Start to be concerned when they refer to you as either Honey or Darling. A few weeks ago: ATC: Call sign, say present position PILOT: Present position ATC: Call sign, what is your present position PILOT: Inbound to you sir, I request landing ATC:
  11. Sometimes the voice channel can drop out without the controller knowing. What happened when you asked the other controller to contact him, did you get a reply from the second controller at all ? Anthony, Try asking the same in the domestic UK forum as the majority of local controllers and pilots read that one. http://community.vatsim-uk.co.uk/
  12. Anastasios, thanks for the information - good news, - but I do not see a Sector File Tab from the controllers menu on the website: David
  13. Anastasios, Sounds inviting, do you have a sectorfile/s that are compatible with VRC ? - I cant find any sector files on the website. Thanks David
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