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  1. Crashed tonight in KMIA after landing and taxiing to gate. Log: https://pastebin.com/JsWk8FJb N Log: https://bin.clowd.io/?2f02effa766bcde4#DfVpHGTmkQzJjwgHNGYrxNHgSn9iHVYHZ5hW36NWJgrJ P Log: https://bin.clowd.io/?3c6550a866d2e2b7#9mks4qLhgYFMYqM762kHfEMKBz8taF9QnDzkTXJYooEs Couldn't use pastebin as the files where too large
  2. Had continuous disconnects from the voice server during the last half of a flight. xP tried to constantly reconnect, succeed and then within a minute or two be disconnected again. I reconnected to the network several times and also restarted the plugin so there are more logs than I would have expected. XP Log Net log 1 net log 2 net log 3 plug log 1 plug log 2 plug log 3
  3. AFAIK that's only a XSB limitation. My TCAS and CSLs work fine with the AI off but I don't get that infernal noise haha.
  4. Got it working, thanks for this. I have already noticed several model matching issues though. SHT for example isn't in the directory for some reason.
  5. Are your radios setup correctly? I'm not familiar with the 787 radio panel. Post a picture of what it looks like?
  6. Step 4 is not really clear. What exactly are you copying over? Is that the X-CSL installer? Ok NVM seems to be the already installed CSL in another folder. You should probably clear this up since X-CSL has it's own install process.
  7. You do realize that X-CSL uses an installer that doesn't work with xPilot.
  8. Justin how do you setup X-CSL to install into the xPilot?
  9. Everything seems to be working now, thanks.
  10. CTD shortly after connecting. I'll try a fresh install when I get home. Edit: It's actually not a CTD but a sim lockup. I'll try and recreate and post my l.
  11. Is this version not compatible with 11.41?
  12. Did that include a fresh XSB install? That usually does it for me.
  13. Looks like your using the wrong servers I think. Not sure how this happens...
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