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  1. Hey congratulations on the release. Just wondering, I've been spoiled by fsinn mini control panel with its small size and access to many of the menu options from it and since I always fly full screen it makes it very convenient. Does vpilot have a similar mini panel or is the drop down in fsx menu bar the only convenient way of accessing some of the functions? Can the vpilot main window remain on top of fsx when it is in full screen, and can it be reduced to a single line bar in a similar way you could by double clicking the top border of the squawkbox client?
  2. Thanks Erhan, i will stick to 32bit for now, i considered 64bit mainly to eliminate OOM errors when using complex payware stuff for flightsim. My old machine is an Athlon 2400+ 1.7Ghz, 768Mbs ram, and a 256mb video card. The new one is supposed to be an Athlon 64bit Dual core 3.0Ghz, with 4 Gbs of ram, 768mb video card, and with my old machine i dont get OOM errors, even though i have the settings at medium-high. I guess i will just have to use the /3gb switch to help things along.
  3. I have to resurrect this topic here. Im still unsure whether or not i should go 32 or 64bit. Ive been trying to google some things but ive only come across posts that are 3-5 years old. I bought a copy of XP 64 which is supposed to be current up to March 2009, just before XP SP3 was released, and i have yet to find if there are less incompatibility issues with some software or if its still all the same? Please help guys.
  4. Okay my new computer is almost here and i don't know whether i should go out and buy XP64 bit or stick with 32 bit which i already have. I had originally made a final decision on XP64, but i stumbled across what seemed to be a new version "XP64 bit Version 3" which was released in this month, and with all the incompatibilities I'm reminded of it brings me right back to square 1. So i was wondering if anyone has tried this new version and if not, what are your thoughts on XP64 SP2? I have already checked that all hardware are compatible with 64bit OS and drivers are available, however the
  5. Hi, heres a tip a fellow ATC gave me, you dont really have to memorize the taxiway labels, just go to View and check Static Text, that should turn on the letters for the taxiways, but the runway labels are unavailable
  6. Hey everyone. In VRC i have the options checked to auto add departure strips, but whenever someone files a flightplan, i dont receive the strip? Im pretty sure i have the airport added, as i have the weather button for the airport at the top of the screen. Any ideas? Thanks!
  7. I already did! Look for me landing in an Iberia Md8X
  8. Hey everyone, just wondering if i may suggest an airport for a real ops event. Namely Madeira (LPMA), the approach would be fun and holding would be likely if theres enough traffic that is, thing is though, i dont know of any good freeware sceneries, just a good payware one by aerosoft? So what do ya say guys, shall we post enough positive comments here to pursuade the events people to come up with one??
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