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  1. Hi Ross Now that I can PTT I have a request that I've been meaning to ask you about for a long time It has been a huge bugbear of mine on VATSIM that the AI models do not animate rotating nose wheels. Is there a way to enable this animation in vPilot in the same way that flaps and spoilers are recognised? XP does this pretty well. Cheers erich
  2. I may have done something inadvertently, but certainly not deliberately to affect a change. Not sure what, but anyway...back in business.
  3. Update: The .debug command somehow corrected the situation and I can now [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign the PTT to whatever I want. Thanks for your help Ross. Cheers erich
  4. Hi Ross, I'll try the debug tonight. I've been away for the past two days. The active freq is in light blue font yes. Also, when I switch to an active freq, the active freq audio chime sounds. When I switch to an inactive freq, the inactive chime sounds. The microphone is definitely set to 'on' in the Windows settings, and apps have access to it. I have a PFC Yoke and the PTT is set to Button 7 on the yoke, as it has been for the past 5 years. I've tried re-[Mod - Happy Thoughts]igning the PTT to a keyboard key, but get the same nil result. Also tried uninstalling/
  5. Both programs run as Admin and the correct active frequencies are tuned. The MIC button on the radio stack is also 'on'
  6. Hi Ross Newly installed P3D v.4.5, vPilot, fresh W10 64 installation Have used VATSIM and VPilot for years and have recently run into this issue where my PTT [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ignment not longer allows me to transmit. Newly installed W10, P3D and vPilot. I can [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign the button in the vPilot's settings/audio, but when I press the button in sim the Tx doesn't light and no-one can hear me. I've checked everything else which I consider obvious. As it's a new W10 install, I will check whether I have allowed access to the microphone during the windows set
  7. Wondering whether anyone is familiar with, or has tried this new pilot client. How does it compare to VPilot? cheers erich
  8. I'm running an poll at Avsim about online flying. Please contribute if you can. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/543078-poll-online-flying-with-vatsim-ivao-or-pilot-edge/
  9. I highly doubt that. Co-incidental timing I'd have thought.
  10. Much more effective supervision. Obvious troublemakers should be kicked of alot easier than is currently the case. Trolling is allowed to happen for quite a length of time before anything is done.
  11. Hi Richard Thanks, so it is possible. Both of my headsets are USB (plugged into a USB hub) but I'll be running one audio card. Is the setup process complicated? Do I need anything else? thankls erich
  12. Hi all Does anyone have any experience with splitting the headset ATC audio to two headsets. A friend and I sometimes fly together and I'd like the audio being fed to both of our headsets from the same PC, rather than playing the ATC audio through the speakers. I believe you need Virtual Audio Cable and a splitter to achieve this. Does anyone have any experience with doing this? Cheers erich
  13. If you are the slave connection for shared cockpit, you sign in as an Observer in vPilot. If you are the Master connector, don't check Obs
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