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  1. Im having the same problem. I installed SB3 and got FS2004 up and running. I got it to connect to the multiplayer session on FS, got the flightplan but when I actually got into the airplane I couldent talk to the tower, or even listen to them. I cant even bring up the radio stack to change the tuning! Did I do something wrong, or is SB3 a dud or something?
  2. This is happening to me too, (i cant show pictures, dont know how) exept in a AvA 737-800 Winglet. Not to mention the 737-800 Retrojet and the 737-800 Modern. It will not come on and there is no switch to turn it on, including that half the buttons are just pictures. Is it an early copy or what? Please help! I really need it!
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