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  1. Please join me in welcoming Arturo Alvarez as the new VATSIM Mexico Division Director. Arturo brings a wealth of management and project experience and possesses the skills needed to bring the division to a new level. Arturo will be re-vamping the VATMEX website and forums, so keep an eye out for them. Also, stay tuned for some new VATMEX events!


    Please also join me in thanking Javier for all of his hard work and dedication in VATMEX.

  2. Well i can understand that but with some plannig they should've allowed for some overtime. leaving while there are plenty of planes in the airspace it's just wrong. I've played in other events where the controllers would stay at least until most of the traffic would've landed or at the minimun a managed airspace where pilos would be able to fly without a controller. Next time i'd suggest more planning for this events especially on an event this magnitude around NY.


    Yes, but they aren't paying money to rent out a location.


    If you have a concern, I'd love to hear it via e-mail. Public criticism is just unprofessional. Many people spent many days planning this event, not to mention the funding involved. I am pretty sure the event times were specific, and nobody was going to miss the dinner they paid for. In a normal event scenario we would not have left any aircraft in the air.

  3. i just started today i been at Detroit,kdtw from 12 am to 7 pm

    how long dose it take for me to go from obsever to s1


    First, you need to select your Division (ie. United States): https://cert.vatsim.net/vatsimnet/divas.php


    Second, once your are a member of the United States Division, you need to select your ARTCC (ie. Denver, New York, Boston, etc.): http://www.vatusa.net/join.php


    Ratings are not based solely on hours, but knowledge and requirements set forth by the ARTCC. It appears that you are under the false impression that Observer hours will increase your rating. Follow the steps above and let me know if you have any questions.

  4. All,


    Please be advised that the New York ARTCC website and database will be down until further notice. New York ARTCC suffered an attack from a hacker and we working to implement the backups. Please be patient and we apologize for any inconvenience.

  5. Hello Aharon,


    Bermuda is under the control of New York ARTCC. There is no set schedule for Bermuda services, currently. If you see a New York Oceanic Controller (NY_JBC_FSS) online, they will service Bermuda. Also, Bermuda tower is often staffed by new controllers as it is considered a non-major facility. Hope that helps! Thanks for flying!

  6. I just wanted to offer my apologies for my unplanned and unannounced disconnection from the network at around 8:30 pm EST on Jan 30th. I was on my second approach into KPHL when my computer blue screened with out any warning. Sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused. On another note, the atc in the area was great! Thanks guys and sorry again.


    P.S. I was flying as JZA(Jazz)7916 out of Toronto


    Blue screen = no fun. No inconvenience at all; these things happen. I thank you for your positive feedback. Hope to see you come back and take that third approach.

  7. It was great to see and hear the NY_FSS up and running, thanks to Mr. Kevin Kan. Way to go Kevin!!!



    AAL411 / FDX411 / AWE7805


    You can expect to see it up more. Thanks for the feedback, it is always much appreciated.

  8. The New York ARTCC has initiated a new Visiting Controller Program for New York Radar (Oceanic)


    Simply, the Visiting Oceanic Controller is a Visiting Controller who will be certified to control New York Radar (Oceanic) only. Read the SOP for further information (http://www.nyartcc.org/SOP/Visiting_Oceanic_Controller_Policy.pdf).


    If you should have any questions, feel free to contact me at atm(at)nyartcc(dot)org.

  9. ZNY is proud to announce "ZNY Delta Day." Come enjoy some scenic

    flying to and from some of New York's smaller airports: Morristown (KMMU),

    Republic (KFRG), Teterboro (KTEB), Westchester (KHPN), and Allentown

    (KABE). The event will be held this Saturday (02/21/2009) from 1300 EST

    (1800 GMT) - 1700 EST (2200 GMT).



  10. Does anyone know how to save these when you close VRC? Everytime I save the profile it deleted the Sticky Notes that I put in. Does VRC allow these to be saved?



    Nick Falcicchio, C1

    ZNY Mentor

  11. I'm stil trying. Anyone? Lol.


    Well, no sooner did I post, I figured it out. Anyone expriencing this problem with a Linksys Wireless Router and VRC:


    1. Open your wireless router settings (http(s)://

    2. Go to the applications and gaming tab

    3. Go to the DMZ sub-tab

    4. Click enable

    5. Enter the computers IP address (computer used for VRC)

    6. Click enable (it is a good idea to disable it when not in use)


    If you need additional help, let me know. I'm quite versed in this sort of troubleshooting now.



    Nick Falcicchio, C1

    ZNY Mentor

  12. Ok, I went into Audio Devices as you said and selected Direct Sound - Intel® Integrated Audio; which is also the selected device in my computer's Control Panel.


    I was able to bring up the link which listed several frequencies/ channels. I attempted to connect to rw.liveatc.net/test in VRC with negative results.


    Also, if it matters, I am able to use Teamspeak.

  13. I recently have been unable to connect to any voice servers on my desktop computer, however I am able to connect with no problems on my laptop. The laptop is running off a wireless router and the desktop is wired (CAT5) to the wireless router.


    When I check PRIM, TX, RX, SPKR in the Comm Panel the SPKR fails to turn "gray" signalling that it is conncected to the voice server. I am not having any problems on the laptop though. I have Norton installed on the desktop only. I attempted to disable Norton and try to connect; this also yielded negative results. Any ideas? I posted on the VRC Forum, but I figured I might as well post it here.


    By the way, thanks for you help Ross.

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