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  1. Thanks for the OPEN MIND ! Keep on doing the Good Work !
  2. The idea is a Popup List of all of the alias commands. It would be great to be [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociated to the text line of the Euroscop (Bottom Left)... If for instance you click there with the right bottom of the mouse it would open this list (all your Alias commands) and you easy and fast (without typing) pick the one you need. I know that if you are with a airplane in text there are already a lot of instructions that goes in auto (Altitude / heading / interceptions... ) but if the plane is not identified as receiving text nothing happened so if still you need to send a text instructi
  3. I use on my Alias things like : You are leaving my airspace and no further ATC available.Resume own navigation, change freq to UNICOM 122.800. Have nice flight.Bye Or You are clear to destination $1 via $2 FL $3 is approved Squawk $4 Or Current information is $1 runway in use $2 qnh $3 Or Winds from $1 at $2 Runway $3, cleared for takeoff.Report airborne Or .... And is to this kind of things that I think a Popup would be nice.
  4. First of all let me say what a Great Job you are doing with EUROSCOP ! The software is realy good. I would like to sugest to creat a Popup window for the ALIAS. It would be much easier than to memorize a list off "keywords" Do you think it is possible ?
  5. Can you please help me ? I'm Manuel Ramos ACCPT7 from Protugal-vacc. I'm one off those that are just starting with Euroscope. I fell that I have already learn a lot about it and I'm using it as much as I can; my only problem (and for me is a big problem) is the text ATIS ! I use to have this atis template on VRC and it was perfect ... I tryed to do the same on Euroscope but ... I'm not even geting near of it... %icao% info %id% %time% winds %winds% visibility %vis% Sky conditions %clouds% temp %temp% dewpt %dew% altimeter %altim% %runways%.No taxi via Alfa. Read back all hold sh
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