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  1. Flight sim 2004 Hmm, I don't even know what cards would be compatible with my motherboard, it's all very confusing PCI-E express, eugh makes no sense.
  2. Yea I added a driver for my graphics card, which resolved the problem last time, but this time its not helping, so I'll uninstall that and try find another one
  3. Right now I have.... Intel core 2 quad Q6600 2.4GHZ 2GB ram ATI Radeon HD 3600 graphics card What is the best thing to upgrade, maybe the graphics card? a 8800GT might be cheap now, and maybe clock the processer speed? Any ideas?
  4. It's like weird coloured lines, only ranging from greenish/blue, that's weird, my moniter is fine, only happens with one game FS9, and only at night.... hmmmm :/
  5. Negative sir, this is a better picture, I zoomed out so you can see more clearly... it only happens : at night, in clouds and in fog, if at night in fog and cloud it's really bad, like you can see here : [Mod.: Image size over 500KB limit. -GSM (800006)] http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/601/56861183.png
  6. This happened before when I was on Vista 32 bit..was something to do with a graphics driver, which I've downloaded but it's made it worse, last time a download fixed it, but now it's not..... if someone could find the latest graphics driver for the following specs : ATI radeon HD 3600 + Windows 7 - 32 bit OS [Mod.: Image size over 500KB limit. -GSM (800006)] http://img842.imageshack.us/img842/1963/81743636.png
  7. You need a much faster computer. I brought my current computer thinking it could run fsx but it only gets 23 FPS out of it.
  8. I'm having some problems with SB4 , it connects me up properly but i cannot see any other aircraft. Some additional information - using fs2004 - windows vista 32 - bit operating system any help please
  9. What do you mean " Without the graphics " . You have your settings on Low or what ??
  10. My computer is a Dell vostro 410 - 2GB ram - 2.40 GHZ - Intel core 2 quad Q6600 - ATI radeon 3650 graphics Card 512MB - 32 - bit operating system - Windows vista Roughly what will be my FPS With FS2004 on full graphics. MY guess was like 25 - 30 is this too high or too low any ideas
  11. whats DX10 , DX9 SP1 and SP2 i know it,s service pack 1 / 2 but what is it ?
  12. loool i knew i should not have mentioned the windows vista home premium - just wanted to know weather the laptop would run fs9 ok . But since reading your views and opinions on windows viasta home premium , i might research it up , because i have no idea how vista runs.
  13. I just ordered at HP HP pavilian dv9720 notebook : What will fs9 run with these specs : windows vista ( ill get xp ) AMD turion 64X2 mobile techbology TL - 64 250GB SATA hard drive disk 5400RPM 17" WXGA screen 2048 mb ram any ideas
  14. Hello everyone , just a quick question that has the potential to turn into a long one. What kind of laptop do i need to run flight simulater 2004 , in the price range of 400-600 pounds ? . My current comp is no good 1.72 Ghz intem pentium 4 786 mb of ram 256 mb memory NDVIA440.0MX , that making my fs lag a lot . i also need a laptop for school work not just for flight sim so any tips/help.[/b]
  15. hey guys, anyone know any good FREEWARE scenery for lpma (madiera funchal airport
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